The following is the updated list of block captains. Those who were previously Block Captains have the same information listed as was previously provided, for the new Block Captains - the only information currently directed to be published is the name and address.

Block Captain Coordinator  
Susan Underwood 10449 Carriagepark Court (703) 323-4710

Block Captains    
Christy Witter 10455 Carriagepark Court
Phil Pakula 4867 Carriagepark Road
Jessica Judkins (backup to Phil Pakula) 4845 Carriagepark Road
Carolyn Janning 4818 Carriagepark Road (703) 909-9925
Diane Barnhard 4931 Carriagepark Road (703) 425-7747
SK Hogan 4731 Gainsborough Drive
Catrina Gomes 4737 Gainsborough Drive
Jeanette Scheppan 4765 Gainsborough Drive
Ann Roman 10476 Malone Court
Don McBride (backup to Joan Murphy) 4826 Treasure Court (703) 978-1510

Property Management Agent  
Lori Randall Summit Management Services (703) 945-1425
8405-A Richmond Highway
Alexandria, VA 22309

Park West Community Association
c/o Summit Management Services
Attn: Lori Randall
8405-A Richmond Highway
Alexandria, VA 22039