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Please welcome Marguerite Wiese to the Park West Community Association Board of Directors.

School is in session and children are at the bus stops early in the morning and later in the afternoon. Please remember to DRIVE CAREFULLY !!!

Wednesday yard waste collection is suspended. Collection will resume on March 6, 2019.

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Board of Directors Meeting -- February 19, 2019

The next meeting of the PWCA Board of Directors will be held on Tuesday, February 19th at 7:00 P.M. at the Lord of Life Lutheran Church, Conference Room, 5114 Twinbrook Road, Fairfax, VA 22032.

To see the Meeting Agenda please go to the Meeting Minutes and Agendas section of the website.

All members are encouraged to attend.

In an effort to carry out all BOD meetings in a timely manner, the Board asks that you request an item to be added to the agenda. The Board will discuss agenda items first and then open up the floor to general discussion and questions. If you have an item you wish to add to the agenda, please submit a request in writing to:

Park West Community Association
c/o Summit Management Services
Attn: Lori Randall
8405-A Richmond Highway
Alexandria, VA 22039

Or send an e-mail to:

Please have all requests to the board no later than 5:00 P.M. one week prior to the meeting so an agenda may be compiled.

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Social Events -- 2019

For 2018, please click HERE for a list of planned events throughout the year.

Please plan to join us to socialize with your neighbors.

Specific information for each event will be provided closer to the event.

For additional information, contact the lead committee for the event (Social or Pool Committee).

Any help you can provide would be GREATLY appreciated.

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Arbor Care Tips

For seasonal information, click HERE.

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PWCA Regular Maintenance Assessment -- Payment Information

Each October the Board of Directors sets the annual maintenance assessment for the upcoming year. Notification of the upcoming annual assessment and budget is mailed to all Members no later than December 1st.

For 2018, the annual assessment is $305 per quarter. Payments are due on January 1st, April 1st, July 1st, and October 1st. The Collection of Assessments timeline for 2018 may be found HERE.

For those individuals desiring to initiate an automatic draft for the Annual Maintenance Assessment the form and instructions may be found by clicking HERE.

If you send a physical check in you will receive a quarterly bill shortly before the due date. You may pay your assessment before receiving the letter by sending a physical check mailed to:

The check should be made payable to: Park West Community Association

The check should have your account number listed in the Notes section. Your account number is PWCxxxxS where xxxx is your physical address number and S is the first letter of your street. For example, if your address is 10436 Malone Court, your account number is PWC10436M.

By online payment:

You will need to provide your bank information (routing code/account number) and it will ask for the following: management ID which is 6657, association ID which is PWC, and Unit Account Number which is is your physical address. For example, PWC10436M.

Alternatively if you already use your own bank's Bill Pay feature this can also be used for the payment.

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Architectural Control Committee (ACC) Information

RESIDENCE COLOR SCHEMA: Unless a variance has been granted; only the original paint, siding, and roofing colors, as designated by Richmarr, are acceptable. Click HERE for acceptable colors for each residence.

RESIDENCE TERMS AND PICTURES: The ACC uses specific terms to conduct inspections. These terms are defined in the hyperlinked document. Inspectors reference the following document to determine the correct identification of specific areas of a residence.

RESIDENCE MODIFICATIONS: Exterior alteration or modification of a residence located within the Kings Park West Townhomes is not permitted without prior written approval from the ACC. Requests should be made by clicking HERE to view and print a copy of the Architectural Modification Request Form. The completed form should be mailed or emailed to PWCA Architectural Control Committee, Attn: Lori Randall, Summit Management Services, 8405-A Richmond Highway, Alexandria, Virginia 22309. Approval or disapproval will occur within sixty (60) days of submission of written request. Questions should be e-mailed to

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Fairfax County-sponsored Document Shred Days

During each year, Fairfax County sponsors a document shredding event in each district. Usually the events occur between March and October of each year. Please select the following link for current information.

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Mailbox Key Replacement or Mailbox Maintenance

As part of our effort to provide clarity on questions and concerns the Association receives from residents please see below for the process on how to request maintenance on your specific mailbox or how to replace mailbox keys.

1. For an owner, find proof of ownership of the residence (e.g. mortgage statement). For a renter, find proof of leasehold (your lease document).

2. Go to our post office (3601 Pickett Road).

3. Have both your ownership/rental documentation and U.S. government-issued identification card/passport.

4. For mailbox key replacement, request replacement keys. The cost is $30 payable at that time. Once you pay the post office will provide you with two keys. They will also leave a third key in the mailbox once they change the lock.

5. For mailbox maintenance, fill out the form specifying the maintenance issue you are having.

5. The post office may ask for a contact number to call you once the replacement is accomplished. The replacement of locks and other mailbox maintenance often occurs on Thursday for our community.

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Selling Your Home? How To Get Your Resale Disclosure Package

During the process of selling your home you will need to order the Resale Disclosure Packet for the new purchasers. Summit Management Services has partnered with to meet this requirement. Please go to the HomeWiseDocs website for further information. If you have not done so previously, you will need to create a username and password.

The association is: Park West Community Association

A processing fee will be charged during this process. The fee amount will vary based on the options you select. If you have questions on this process, please contact our Community Manager, Lori Randall, or (703) 945-1425.

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Braddock Road Improvement Project - Final Plans

The final plans for the Braddock Road Improvement Plan have been released.

These improvements will occur from Guinea Road through the 495 interchange and end at Ravensworth Road. Workshops are upcoming for specifics on each intersection if you wish to participate.

Please see the link for a document on the subject. Further information may be found at the Braddock Supervisor's webpage.

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Car Break-ins

If you discover a vehicle break-in, please call the Fairfax County Police non-emergency number (703) 691-2131 to report the incident. As a reminder, consider leaving your porch lights on throughout the night and remember to lock your vehicle doors.

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If Your Vehicle Was Towed...

If you discover that your vehicle has been towed, our towing contractor is Dominion Towing. The main number for Dominion Towing is (703) 339-2400. Alternatively you may also call the Fairfax County Police non-emergency number (703) 691-2131 - they will forward you to the Dominion Towing number if your vehicle has been towed by them.

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PWCA Corporate Resolution -- Latest Update November 15, 2017

At the October 2018 PWCA Board of Directors Meeting, the latest PWCA Corporate Resolution was enacted: Management of the Parking Program.


The complete list of current Corporate Resolutions may be found by following the link provided.


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Register for E-Mail Alerts

Please register for e-mail notification of important information or significant website changes by sending a blank e-mail message to with the subject 'Subscribe' without the quotes in the subject line of the message.

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Community Newsletter (Park West Pages)

Click to Download Adobe Reader 7.0 Download Adobe Reader for viewing the Community Newsletter (Park West Pages) and other pdf documents.

Please click HERE for the Winter 2019 Community Newsletter (Park West Pages). For previous issues, click HERE.

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Special College Student Edition of the Community Newsletter

Click to Download Adobe Reader 7.0 Download Adobe Reader for viewing the Community Newsletter (Park West Pages) and other pdf documents.

Please click HERE for a Special College Student Edition of the Community Newsletter. If you have any questions or concerns, please send an e-mail to

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Speed Bumps

The Community speed bumps are 36" wide by 2.75" high. Although they are less than 3" high, they need to be approached at a low speed to prevent damage to your vehicle. Please exercise due caution and drive safely.

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Please respect the Fairfax County Noise Ordinance (CODE County of FAIRFAX, VIRGINIA, Section 108.1-4-1.) This ordinance states that between the hours of 11:00 P.M. and 7:00 A.M. it shall be unlawful for any person to make, continue to make, or cause to be made or continued, a noise disturbance within the County of Fairfax. This law also includes barking dogs and music from motor vehicles.

You may COMPLAIN to Fairfax County or call the Fairfax County Police non-emergency number (703) 691-2131 about a neighbor who is creating a noise disturbance.

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Speed Limit

Please adhere to the posted speed limit (15 MPH). Please keep our neighborhood safe for all residents.

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Pets are not permitted in the common areas unless accompanied by a responsible person and unless they are carried or leashed. Please walk dogs only in the common areas. Front yards are not common areas! We are also reminding all dog owners that they are required by Fairfax County Law to CLEAN UP AFTER THEIR ANIMALS. Failure to do so can result in fines by the Department of Health.

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Your Government Representatives

Click HERE for a list of your local and national government representatives and their contact information.

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Yard Waste Trash Collection: March 21 - December 26, 2018

Yard Waste Pickup: will resume on Wednesday March 6, 2019.

2018-2019 Snow Removal Policy

The PWCA is responsible for clearing snow from paved surfaces within the Kings Park West Townhomes community. Streets included for snow removal include Carriagepark Court, Carriagepark Drive, Treasure Court, Malone Court,and Gainsborough Drive to Roberts Road. The contractor WILL NOT accept requests from residents for additional snow removal services, out-of-cycle plowing, etc.

The 2018-2019 Snow Removal Policy is unchanged from last year's policy. Remember that there are two levels of disallowed curb parking. At an expected six inches (6") of snow or greater, white-painted curb parking will be disallowed. Towing will be enforced and charges will be assessed to the owner of the towed vehicle. Advance notice of towing will be placed on the message boards. At an expected nine inches (9") of snow or greater, additional curb sections may be added to the disallowed parking areas. After the storm is over and the areas are plowed out to the curb, vehicles may be reparked in these areas.

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PWCA Community Parking Permit Program

The Park West Community Association is a "Permit-Parking-Only" community.All residents and guests must display a permit on their vehicle, including in assigned (i.e., numbered) parking spaces, or be towed from the community. Any person who maintains their full-time residence within the PWCA area may apply for one parking permit per motor vehicle, up to three permits per household. Non-resident owners with tenants must apply for permits on behalf of their renters. Only full-time resident owners and renters are eligible to receive Parking Permits. One visitor permit also will be issued per household, with additional temporary visitor permits to be made available. All permits are nontransferable and vehicle-specific, cannot be exchanged between different vehicles, and are only to be placed in PWCA-registered vehicles to which the permits are assigned. Details of the PWCA Parking Regulations, including those for the Parking Permit Program, can be found by clicking HERE. Download an application to obtain parking permits for your residents by clicking HERE.


All non-emergency requests for Temporary Parking Permits are to be made to a PWCA Parking Official between 9:00 AM and 9:00 PM, and with as much advance time as is possible -- preferably, at least one hour ahead of needed time, and at least one day ahead for multiple permits (i.e., parties, etc.). Click HERE for the list of Parking Officials.

A copy of the Park West Community Association Corporate Resolution for the Parking Permit Program can be found by clicking HERE.

Any questions regarding community parking policies and permits should be addressed to Joe Underwood the PWCA Parking Committee Chairman at or at (703) 323-4710.

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Park West Community Association
c/o Summit Management Services
8405-A Richmond Highway
Alexandria, VA 22309