New Home Buyers in PWCA

Welcome to the community, as a new resident review the Association website, rules and regulation. You have joined a mature family-oriented community association and now have access to the association resources such as the Community Pool and other facilities.

It is your responsibility to obtain all necessary parking permits for parking within the community.

PWCA Regular Maintenance Assessment – Payment Information

Each October the Board of Directors sets the annual maintenance assessment for the upcoming year. Notification of the upcoming annual assessment and budget is mailed to all Members no later than December 1st.

  • The 2022 Annual Assessment is $1,500 and is due in four quarterly installments of $375 on January 1st, April 1st, July 1st and October 1st.
  • The 2022 Annual Assessment Notice may be found HERE
  • The 2022 Collection of Assessments timeline may be found HERE.

For those individuals desiring to initiate an automatic draft for the Annual Maintenance Assessment the form and instructions may be found by clicking HERE.

If you send a physical check in you will receive a quarterly bill shortly before the due date. You may pay your assessment before receiving the letter by sending a physical check mailed to:

  • Summit Management
  • c/o Alliance Bank
  • P.O. Box 95366
  • Las Vegas, NV 89193

The check should be made payable to: Park West Community Association

The check should have your Homeowner Account Number listed in the Notes section. Your account number is xxxxS where xxxx is your physical address number and S is the first letter of your street. For example, if your address is 10436 Malone Court, your Homeowner Account Number is 10436M.

By online payment:

  • Go to the Summit website
  • Click on ‘Pay My Assessments’.
  • Click on ‘One time echeck payment’

You will need to provide your bank information (routing code/account number) and it will ask for the following: management ID which is 6657, association ID which is PWC, and Homeowner Account Number which is is your physical address. For example, 10436M.

Alternatively if you already use your own bank’s Bill Pay feature this can also be used for the payment.