Rules and Regulations

How is a community association managed?

Park West Community Association is a community association that derives it’s responsibilities from Governing Documents. We further refine these original documents through specifics in our rules and regulations.

For the convenience and well-being of all our residents, the Park West Community Association has developed the following set of Community Rules (PDF). This document is based on the following authorities:

  1. Section 55-513 of the Virginia Code, Property Owners’ Association Act and the Association’s Governing Documents empower the Board of Directors to assess certain remedies, including monetary charges and suspension of privileges, against Members of the Association who are responsible for violating the Association’s Governing Documents; and
  2. Paragraph 4 of the Articles of Incorporation defines the management of the affairs of the corporation to be vested in the directors; and
  3. Article VI, Section 5 of the Declaration provides the ability to adopt rules and regulations for architectural control for the Association; and
  4. Article VI, Section 10 of the Declaration sets forth the provision to establish ‘house rules’ to further clarify and focus specific actions; and
  5. Article VII defines the powers and duties of the directors and their ability to adopt and publish rules and regulations; and
  6. Article IX of the By-Laws authorizes the board of directors to appoint committees as deemed appropriate.

All residents and owners are required to abide by the community rules and regulations. These rules and regulations may be revised, adopted, and published from time to time as appropriate by the Board of Directors.

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Please respect the Fairfax County Noise Ordinance (CODE County of FAIRFAX, VIRGINIA, Section 108.1-4-1.) This ordinance states that between the hours of 11:00 P.M. and 7:00 A.M. it shall be unlawful for any person to make, continue to make, or cause to be made or continued, a noise disturbance within the County of Fairfax. This law also includes barking dogs and music from motor vehicles.

You may COMPLAIN to Fairfax County or call the Fairfax County Police non-emergency number (703) 691-2131 about a neighbor who is creating a noise disturbance.

Speed Limit

Please adhere to the posted speed limit (15 MPH). Please keep our neighborhood safe for all residents.