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The Park West Community Association is a “Permit-Parking-Only” community. All residents and guests must display a permit on their vehicle, including in assigned (i.e., numbered) parking spaces, or be towed from the community. Any person who maintains their full-time residence within the PWCA area may apply for one parking permit per motor vehicle, up to three permits per household. Non-resident owners with tenants must apply for permits on behalf of their renters. Only full-time resident owners and renters are eligible to receive Parking Permits. One visitor permit also will be issued per household, with additional temporary visitor permits to be made available. All permits are nontransferable and vehicle-specific, cannot be exchanged between different vehicles, and are only to be placed in PWCA-registered vehicles to which the permits are assigned.


Parking Permit Renewals

Resident Owner sticker permits are renewed on a three-to-four year schedule.

Resident Owner Vistor Hangtags and Non-Resident Owner Hangtags are renewed on an annual basis.

Tenants Stickers and Hangtags are renewed based on dates associated with the lease provided.

In 2024, we will be renewing all Resident and Non-Resident Owner permits (both stickers and hangtags). For further information please click on the link.

Parking Officials

Parking Officials within the community are volunteers who assist the community with the operation of temporary parking permits. Residents are encouraged to contact the Parking Official for their region within the community first, followed by other officials if coordination for temporary permits is not available from the prior contact.

Note: All non-emergency requests for Temporary Parking Permits are to be made between 9:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m., and with as much advance time as is possible — preferably, at least one hour ahead of needed time, and at least one day ahead for multiple permits (i.e., parties, etc.).

David Bucher10421 Carriagepark Court(571) 278-9570
Joe Underwood10449 Carriagepark Court(703) 323-4710
Susan Underwood10449 Carriagepark Court(703) 323-4710
Anthony Nguyen4820 Carriagepark Road(571) 485-0340
Dale Woodson4859 Carriagepark Road(703) 425-6551
Marguerite Wiese4921 Carriagepark Road(703) 362-9228
Diane Barnhard4931 Carriagepark Road(703) 425-7747
Patrice Hevia4938 Carriagepark Road(703) 868-2968
Keith Poms4720 Gainsborough Drive(703) 323-9531
Ben Ihnat4770 Gainsborough Road(419) 341-4208
Mark Griffin10436 Malone Court(703) 272-7394
Matthew Strain10439 Malone Court(571) 466-6757
Don McBride4826 Treasure Court(703) 978-1510
Art Gile(703) 309-1526

Parking Enforcement – Towing

If you discover that your vehicle has been towed, our towing contractor is Dominion Towing. The main number for Dominion Towing is (703) 339-2400. Alternatively you may also call the Fairfax County Police non-emergency number (703) 691-2131 – they will forward you to the Dominion Towing number if your vehicle has been towed by them.