Pet Rules

The Association is asking all dog owners to please walk their dogs only in the common areas (front yards are not common areas) only. The Board of Directors has received numerous complaints in regard to this subject. We are also asking all dog owners to CLEAN UP AFTER THEIR ANIMALS. There are several homeowners who walk dogs daily and do not clean up. When you live in a residential community such as ours, it is only polite that you do clean up after walking your dog. Failure to clean up after your dog creates a health hazard for children who play in the common areas as well as adults who walk this area.

Also, please remember to have a leash on your dog. The Board thanks those dog owners who leash their dogs and clean up after them. Your cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated.

What’s Required

  • Dog owners must pick up waste deposited by their pets on others’ property or public property, a so-called “pooper scooper” regulation.
  • Pet owners must have all dogs and cats, four months of age or older, vaccinated against rabies.
  • Dog owners must annually purchase County dog licenses for all dogs four months or older. They can be purchased, at any time after the animal has received its first rabies inoculation, at the Animal Shelter and at all area governmental centers. The cost for Fairfax County residents is $10.00 for fertile dogs and $5.00 for infertile dogs.
  • Owners must register dogs found by a court to be dangerous and euthanize dogs found by a court to be vicious. The County authorizes the Department of Animal Control to pick up animals other than dogs that are running at large if they are creating a public nuisance or threatening public safety or health. Dogs are prohibited from running unrestricted at all times. Stray animals are held for 6 days at the Shelter prior to adoption or euthanasia or 10 days if wearing a collar, tag or tattoo identification. (State Code 3.1-796.96 A. and B.) To retrieve a pet that has been picked up by Animal Control, owners should bring proof of rabies vaccination and, for a dog, a current dog license to the Animal Shelter at 4500 West Ox Road during business hours, which are: Tuesday through Friday 8 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Saturday 6 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
  • Citizens may not keep wild, exotic or vicious animals for any purpose except for those state and federal licensed exemptions already spelled out in the County Code

How to Report Violations

Citizens may report infractions of these regulations to the Department of Animal Control at (703) 830-3310