PWCA Information for Members and Residents (February 2020, Message #1)

Good evening to all. While our mild winter continues please don’t assume we are out of the woods yet – we still have approximately six weeks to go with the potential for snow/ice. Here are items for your consideration tonight:

1. ROAD RAIDERS CLEANUP, SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 8TH, 7:15AM. THIS IS TOMORROW MORNING!!!!! Please consider giving a small amount of time to making our nearby environment better. See below for the information:

We will be cleaning up Crooked Creek Park this Saturday morning. I anticipate lots of plastic, glass and trash that we will be able to collect on both sides of Commonwealth Blvd in Crooked Creek Park. Please plan to meet on Commonwealth Blvd, between Gainsborough and Dequincey.

Please be prepared with trash bags and weather appropriate clothing, it may be still wet from the forecasted rain on Thursday-Friday. Gloves are also recommended; at our Rabbit Branch clean up last month, one person got a cut from some glass they were picking up.

Schedule of events:
7.15 assemble for coffee/donuts
7.30 Start the clean-up
8AM Group photo and continue with your day after accomplishing so much in so little time as a group working together.

We NEED volunteers! I hope you can support us. If everyone who comes brings just ONE more friend (or family member!), imagine how much more we can do…..

2. NEWSLETTER: For those who have opt’d-in – you will of received your February 2020 newsletter, the 2020 pool application, and the current trash/recycling rules. For those receiving a hard copy, Susan will be working with the block captains to get the packets distributed in the near future.

3. MONTHLY BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING, TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 18th, 7:00 PM. Please see the website for further information.

4. SPRING 2020 ARBOR CARE WORK. Our winter/early spring tree work is ongoing. Bartlett has been out in the last week accomplishing tasked work. Our other company will be out in the next few weeks for other requirements. Parking spaces impacted have received / will receive notices concerning specific dates and times.

5. PARKING PERMIT (HANG TAG) RENEWALS. For Resident and Non-Resident Owners. This is the replacement of your hang-tags for the next year. Further details to follow – April is once again the target month to distribute the new hang tags. Tenants, you are NOT impacted by this update – your hang-tag expiration corresponds to the date your current lease expires.

6. SPRING 2020 ACC INSPECTION, SATURDAY, MARCH 21st, 10:00AM. This is a ways out but our next ACC inspection is six weeks away. If you had some time to participate on an inspection team we’d greatly appreciate it. See the newsletter for further details.

That’s all for tonight, have a great evening and weekend!