PWCA Information for Members and Residents (October 2020, Message #2)

Good afternoon. Please find listed below several updates for you.

CDC guidance:
Johns Hopkins GLobal COVID-19 Map and Coronavirus Resources:

State-wide analysis and guidance:
County-specific guidance:
County Emergency Preparedness:


  1. HALLOWEEN. Fairfax County issued the following guidance. “Traditional door-to-door trick-or-treating and large gatherings are NOT recommended this year, but there are safer alternatives for celebrating Halloween.” Fairfax City provided information on various activities grouped as Higher Risk, Moderate Risk, and Lower Risk. Following this guidance, we are not hosting the social event normally held at this time at the pool. For those who may go out to trick-or-treat anyway, please be mindful of whether homes are participating or not.
  2. ANNUAL MEETING – TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 17, 2020 (RAIN DATE NOVEMBER 19, 2020), 8:00PM, POOL PARKING LOT. Due to the challenges in securing interior meeting locations the 2020 Annual Meeting of the Members of the Association will occur in the Pool Parking Lot. Official participation by proxy is strongly encouraged. This is intended to be a short meeting due to the environmental considerations. There will be no food or beverages served, no door prizes will be given, there are no restroom facilities available, and no supplied seating – if you need a chair please bring your own. The meeting will be available to you virtually in the same manner as the monthly Board meetings currently are. Please see the annual meeting notice for additional information. The Annual Meeting Notice, Agenda, Proxy Form and Call for Candidates will be distributed in the near future. All residents, whether you are a renter or an owner, are encouraged to attend to find out the current status and way-ahead for our community – just this year we’d appreciate you attending virtually rather than physically. For our owners , please consider submitting your name for a Director position – fresh insights and enthusiasm are welcomed!
  3. BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING, NOVEMBER 19, 2020, 7:00PM. The November board meeting will be conducted via the RingCentral virtual meeting framework. See the website under ‘Meetings’, select the year (2020), then the meeting (20201119). Document #01-1 contains the information to join the meeting. Should the Annual Meeting have to proceed on the rain date this meeting will be either rescheduled or canceled.
  4. ELECTRONIC CONSENT FORMS. For those who may not know, electronic consent forms provide the Association the ability to send certain communications to you electronically only, thereby saving us the cost of printing and mailing those documents. The form is available on our website within Policy Resolution 17-04.
  5. Parking: With the addition of new residents to our community I thought I’d just give you a couple of thoughts. When parking in any curb-side parking have both your front and rear wheels on the concrete gutter. Do not park in any yellow painted curbs. The entire community (assigned and unassigned spaces) is permit parking only – have a permit in your vehicle or risk the vehicle being towed. If you are parked in any visitor space or at any curb-side parking, remember to move your vehicle every week, after ten days your vehicle is subject to towing. No parking or storage of any vehicles (e.g. trailers, motorcycles) on common areas. White-painted curbs are snow-emergency no parking areas – they will be marked prior to snow events that will activate those no parking zones. If you have questions or need more information, please review the October 2020 Community Rules and the 2020-2021 Snow Removal Policy on our website.


  1. ACC: All rules remain in effect. Out-of-cycle ACC violation processes are ongoing. The Spring 2021 Home Inspection will occur in March 2021.
  2. COMMUNICATIONS: The November 2020 newsletter will be digital-only due to the COVID-19 impacts – if you need a hard copy please contact
  3. ECC: All rules remain in effect.

8.1. BULK WASTE PICKUP. Advanced notice is required for any bulk item pickup. Fees will be increased slightly to cover the additional handling costs due to COVID-19. Bulk items include furniture, mattresses, appliances, grills, exercise equipment, construction debris, or any other large item that would normally be collected with a rear-load trash truck.

8.2. GLASS RECYCLING (PURPLE CONTAINERS). Glass recycling has resumed and the purple recycling containers are throughout Fairfax County.

8.3. RECYCLING AND TRASH. Should you see someone placing trash or recycling out at an unauthorized time, feel free to take their picture (to include the residence they are coming from/returning to) and email the pictures to

8.4. YARD DEBRIS PICKUP. Yard Debris is picked up on TUESDAY and FRIDAY in a specific yard debris truck. All yard waste requirements and constraints are in effect as normal. See the Community Rules Section 3.7 for information.

8.5. TOT LOT. In accordance with the Forward Virginia Blueprint and resulting Fairfax County guidance, the playground was opened effective 17 June 2020. There is no special cleaning on any surface – USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. Adhere to social distancing requirements.

8.6. BASKETBALL COURT. In accordance with the Forward Virginia Blueprint and resulting Fairfax County guidance, the basketball court was opened effective 17 June 2020. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. Users must stay ten (10) feet apart.

8.7. LENDING LIBRARY PATIO. In accordance with the Forward Virginia Blueprint and resulting Fairfax County guidance, the patio itself was opened effective 17 June 2020. There is no special cleaning on any surface – USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. Adhere to social distancing requirements.

8.8. LENDING LIBRARY (CLOSED). In accordance with Phase 3 of the Forward Virginia Blueprint and resulting Fairfax County guidance, the Library remains CLOSED due to the restrictions on shared equipment.

8.9. COMMON AREAS. In accordance with the Forward Virginia Blueprint and resulting Fairfax County guidance, the common areas were opened effective 17 June 2020. There is no special cleaning on any surface – USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. Adhere to social distancing requirements.

  1. PARKING. All rules remain in effect. The Resident Owner and Non-Resident Owner Parking Permit (Hangtag) Renewals for 2020 are canceled. 2021 distribution remains planned for April 2021.
  2. SOCIAL. We continue to assess viability of future events based on pandemic guidance issued through the state and county.
  3. COMMUNITY SUPPORT REQUEST. This request remains active – thank you to those who have responded so far.

Stay safe and well,


Concrete Work and Tree Work Info – 8 October 2020 Status

Good evening to all.

As stated last night, all parking for the concrete work was opened as of this morning.

The pool parking lot is hereby closed for community parking.

I removed cones from some of the areas this afternoon so they should all be removed from the concrete work areas currently. The walk-through will occur tomorrow.

TREE WORK: We will have a Bartlett crew in the community tomorrow doing some arbor care work for us.

Upper Carriagepark Road – curb parking on the island in front of 4920 through 4926 (from the speed bump to the corner) has been taped off for tomorrow. Please relocate the three vehicles currently parked in that area. For others in the community – as this didn’t receive the usual advance preparation you may have the Bartlett truck parked in odd areas to accomplish some of the work. Please work with the crew if your vehicle becomes unable to get out of it’s space – they’ll get you set free…

Again – please keep vehicle tires off the new concrete as much as possible to let the curing continue.

Enjoy your evening.


Concrete Work Info – 7 October 2020 Status

Good evening all.

I have mostly good news this evening.

We are almost finished and will do the walk-through tomorrow.

The crew is still doing final clean-up and street/parking area cleaning.

Please continue to remain out of the restricted spaces.

All parking will be open tomorrow morning.

For those of you who have spaces with new concrete adjacent to them please keep your vehicles back from the concrete to allow inspection.

For all – please remember not to place vehicle tires on new concrete.

Thanks for your efforts – the parking challenge was handled by all those impacted in an excellent manner – really do appreciate that.



Concrete Work Info – 6 October 2020 Status

Good evening to all.

Day 1 on the concrete was a success and a major chunk of work was accomplished. There is still more work to accomplish so please remember the following:

1. Do not walk on fresh concrete
2. Parking space relocations are if effect tomorrow. If you are in a space impacted by the no parking rule, please have your vehicle out by 7:00AM tomorrow morning.

Our window for the parking relocations continues to last until Friday but I expect we will finish earlier than that.

Thanks for all of y’alls support – have an enjoyable and safe evening.



Concrete Work Info – Pool Parking Lot Status

All – for those impacted by the concrete work during this week:

The Pool Parking Lot is hereby opened for overflow parking if you wish to utilize it. We currently plan to have the pool parking lot open until 5:00PM on Friday, October 9, 2020. The concrete work should be completed before then – if so the pool parking lot will be closed for parking earlier than Friday.

All vehicles parking there are subject to all the permit parking rules for our community. If you are planning to be away from the community for the rest of the week please relocate your vehicle to non-restricted curb parking or non-restricted visitor parking spaces in the community, not the pool parking lot.

Several more assigned parking spaces were added to the list today. The applicable residences (one residence on Carriagepark Road, three residences on Treasure Court) received notices at the residence along with signs placed on the applicable parking spaces.

Reminder – towing begins tomorrow at 7AM and runs through 6PM – please relocate your vehicles this evening or we will have to relocate them tomorrow at your expense.

Thank you in advance for your help with this.