2020-2021 Snow Event #1, Final Update #2

Good afternoon.

Thank you for your help keeping those No Parking areas clear during our rather weak snow event. All poles and tape have been removed from those curbs and parking may resume. The pool parking lot did not receive any vehicles for the event so normal parking restrictions are in effect. The marker poles designating the speed humps will remain through the rest of the season.

Thanks again – we’ll follow the same procedure should another significant snow event occur this season.



2020-2021 Snow Event #1, Update #1

Good evening.

On Sunday, December 13, 2020 the PWCA declared a Snow Emergency based on the projected snow totals for this first event. While the snow total projections have been coming down, we will continue with the designation based on the variability in current forecasts for snow and ice accumulations.

Therefore the following is in effect:

  1. All white-painted curbs on Gainsborough Drive are No Parking Zones as of Tuesday, December 15, 200 at 6:00PM. ANY vehicle parked in No Parking Zones are subject to towing at owner expense.
  2. The pool parking lot is opened for parking effective Tuesday, December 15, 2020 at 5:00PM. Vehicles may park in the pool parking lot with valid permits during this event. Please remove your vehicles once the event is complete. Further notice will be provided for when open parking is terminated at the pool parking lot.

As this is our first event of the season please review the 2020-2021 Snow Removal Policy. Request you clear any sidewalks in front and to the rear (if appropriate) of your home. If the snow totals are sufficient, please consider removing snow around your mailboxes and fire

The Snow Emergency will be in effect until canceled via email blast for the specific Gainsborough Drive zones. Message board notices will be removed once all snow emergency no parking zones are cleared after the snow event.

Appreciate your help – the goal is our preparations were un-needed for this event. However, we also want to be prepared should this event go sideways on us. See the current newsletter for our Cold Weather Preparation article. If you need, you do have Tuesday to get your home and vehicles ready for winter events.

Stay safe and be prepared.


Snow and Newsletter!

We were a little late in getting the most recent newsletter out, so the December edition is now available online here. We did not print this edition due to COVID-19 concerns. If you need a printed copy, please email communications@parkwestcommunity.org.

Note: It was also emailed to the opt-in group for digital communications. We recommend you switch to electronic distribution for the most efficient communications with the HOA. You can do that here.

Finally, the HOA is planning on enacting our snow emergency plans starting Tuesday, December 15 at 5:00pm. Please review the policy here. The biggest thing to remember is the limited parking in the white zones throughout the neighborhood. Updates will be posted here and/or through electronic distribution.