PWCA Information for Members and Residents (March 2023, Message #1) 

Good afternoon.  Please see below for several items for your review. 

Two items are from our current Association contractors. 

There is one request from Atlantic for seasonal lifeguards so if you have anyone who might want to earn money and spend some time at a pool this summer this might be for them!  

The second item is an offer from J&J Landscape Management.  This is the contractor we employ for our community grounds care work.  They are offering to care for your private yards for the season – see the item and link below…  

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1.  TREE AND GROUNDS CARE WORK.  The Spring 2023 Arbor Care work will occur over the next two months.

2.  ENVIRONMENT SUB-COMMITTEE MEETING, SYNOPSIS; FOCUSED ON 2023 TRASH AND RECYCLING COLLECTION CHANGES.   Effective January 1st, all bulk and/or special items incur a fee for pickup.  The Environmental Control Committee sub-group initially met on February 13, 2023 to address changes to our pickup rules to minimize impact to the Association of the changes in our bulk and special item pickups in 2023.  Minutes from that meeting may be found in the February 2023 BoD meeting packet and will be attached as an Appendix to the meeting minutes.  

3.  BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING; TUESDAY, MARCH 21, 2023; 7:00PM; VIRTUAL.  The monthly board meeting will be conducted via the RingCentral virtual meeting framework. See the website under ‘Meetings’, select the year (2023), then the meeting (03 – 20230321). Document #01-1 contains the information to join the meeting.

4.  INDIVIDUAL GROUNDS CARE OFFER FROM J&J LANDSCAPE MANAGEMENT, APPLY NO LATER THAN MARCH 27,2023.  Due to numerous requests, our grounds care contractor is offering residences in our community the ability to have the private yards maintained.  Please refer to the link listed above for details or contact myself if you cannot access the form. 

5.  EASTER EGG HUNT; SATURDAY APRIL 8, 2023; 11:00 AM; PLAYGROUND.  Our first social event of the year!  Children under the age of 12 are invited to participate in the hunt.  Volunteers to help set up the event are needed – setup will occur at 9:30AM at and near the playground.  

6.  RESIDENT OWNER AND NON-RESIDENT OWNER PARKING PERMIT (HANGTAG) RENEWALS; SATURDAY, APRIL 15, 2023; 12:00PM to 2:00PM and SUNDAY, APRIL 16,2023; 12:00PM to 2:00PM; POOL PARKING LOT.  Our annual owner guest (“hangtag”) permit renewal will occur on April 15th and 16th this year.  Both dates will be from 12:00PM through 2:00PM.  See the February 2023 newsletter for additional information.  After April 23rd all vehicles using the current resident-owner guest and non-resident-owner hangtag permits will be subject to towing from the community.  Owners with questions may call or email the Parking Committee Chair for further information.

7.  CURRENT HANGTAG TOWING COMMENCES; APRIL 23, 2022.  Our annual resident and non-resident owner hangtag permit renewal will have occurred by this time.  Any vehicles using the current hang tags will be towed from the community starting on this date.

8.  LIFEGUARD EMPLOYMENT REQUEST.  Atlantic Pool Service is looking for lifeguards to work this season.  Please refer to the link listed above for details or contact myself if you cannot access the form. 

9.  POOL SEASON, 2023. We are less than 3 months away from our pool opening for the season. The Pool Application link is listed above and it may also be found on our website.  The applications have started to to arrive – please send them in at your earliest convenience to assist our volunteers who have to create the passes for you.  If you have any interest in helping with this process please contact the Pool Committee.

Winter is not yet finished so please do not let your guard down.  However, daffodils and some of our trees are blooming and Spring is well underway…