PWCA Website Down

All – the website has been down down a little over 24 hours. Our webmaster will get it back operational as soon as possible.

In case you need someone here are some emails and phone numbers:


David Bucher 10421 Carriagepark Court Phone: (571) 278-9570
Joe & Susan Underwood 10449 Carriagepark Court Phone: (703) 323-4710
Anthony Nguyen 4820 Carriagepark Road Phone: (571) 485-0340
Jason Williams 4819 Carriagepark Road Phone: (201) 317-0077
Dale Woodson 4859 Carriagepark Road Phone: (703) 425-6551
Marguerite Wiese 4921 Carriagepark Road Phone: (703) 362-9228
Diane Barnhard 4931 Carriagepark Road Phone: (703) 425-7747
Patrice Hevia 4938 Carriagepark Road Phone: (703) 868-2968
Keith Poms 4720 Gainsborough Drive Phone: (703) 323-9531
Ben Inhat 4770 Gainsborough Drive Phone: (419) 341-4208
Mark Griffin 10436 Malone Court Phone: (703) 272-7394
Matthew Strain 10439 Malone Court Phone: (571) 466-6757
Don McBride 4826 Treasure Court Phone: (703) 978-1510
Art Gile Phone: (703) 309-1526

*All non-emergency requests for Temporary Parking Permits are to be made between 9:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m., and with as much advance time as is possible — preferably, at least one hour ahead of needed time, and at least one day ahead for multiple permits (i.e., parties, etc.).

COMMITTTEES: see Association Organization file

DIRECTORS: use That reaches all Directors and the Manager.


If you are confused please feel free to email me and I’ll endeavor to get you to the appropriate person…



Trash Service for 28 January 2022

Good afternoon.  Patriot will probably not be able to pick up our trash today due to issues with both personnel and trucks.  If the truck does not get to our portion of the route today, please leave your bags and containers at your collection point.  Patriot plans to complete the missed routes tomorrow, Saturday, 29 January 2022.

As a reminder – if collection has occurred please do not leave bags or containers at the collection point – just wait for the next pickup.



MLK Day of Service – Rabbit Branch park area @ 9AM

All – please see below from Road Raiders for the Rabbit Branch Park cleanup tomorrow. Please consider giving an hour of your time tomorrow morning. See below for the Road Raiders request.



From: Tom McCook <>
Date: 1/19/2020
To: Tom McCook <>
Subject: MLK Day of Service – Rabbit Branch park area @ 9AM

“All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence.” Martin Luther King

** Bonus ** – MLK Holiday, January 20 at 9AM (start)- we are planning a community parks clean-up at Rabbit Branch Park (the park area). Unfortunately, it is filled with trash and we need to clean this area for our neighbors, friends and wildlife in the area.

“Everybody can be great, because everybody can serve” (Martin Luther King, Feb 1968).

Rabbit Branch park area is 1/4 mile east on Tapestry from Roberts Rd.

I hope we can see you tomorrow!

Tom McCook

Robinson Students – service hours can be earned!