From Patriot Disposal (edited)

Last August we reached out to notify you about new regulations the local recycling market is facing. This communication was to inform you about the issues we are experiencing as a hauler in disposing of residential recyclable materials.

In the past month we have experienced extremely high levels of contaminated recycle loads due to the use of plastic bags. The use of plastics bags causes many issues, mainly by clogging the machinery at the recycling facilities. We request (and implore) you to no longer use plastic bags to bundle your recycling or recycle plastic bags all together.

The practice of removing plastic bags from our local recycling stream will reduce strain on our recycling facilities and landfills. Contamination is the primary reason why recycling is ending up in the landfills. Please help increase our local recycling footprint while reducing pressure on our local haulers and disposal facilities.


Patriot Disposal

February 2019 Newsletter and Inserts

The following documents were hand delivered, mailed, or emailed to owners and residents.

  1. February 2019 Newsletter (Resident and Non-Resident Owners, Tenants)
  2. Parking Permit Renewal Letter (renewal does not affect tenant permits) (Resident and Non-Resident Owners) – must be returned by no later than February 28, 2019.
  3. Synopsized Trash and Recycling Rules (integrated in newsletter) (Resident and Non-Resident Owners, Tenants)
  4. 2019 Pool Pass Application (Resident Owners, Tenants)