2021-2022 Winter Event #1, Update #1

Good evening.

Alright this is will short as it’s been a long day – alright I thought that but I’ve been typing so follow along with my tired brain… :).

Today’s Actions:

  1. I’ve measured between 10.5″ and 11″ on the ground for this event. At 1100 today I measured 9″ so that seems to track with the storm snowfall rates.
  2. We received a emergency lane pass with a snow plow around late morning/mid-day. The plow arrived in mid-afternoon to conduct widening/final clearing but broke just after starting.
  3. Numerous boughs and limbs are down throughout the community. Boughs and limbs impeding access to our streets have been moved from the roadways – thank you to all the volunteers who accomplished those actions as several were moved without my being around the location. FOR EVERYONE – we didn’t get much sun this afternoon to melt the snow from the trees. Tonight is going to be a challenge as I have no idea whether the trees can support that much weight on them overnight.
  4. THANK YOU to those who cleared their sidewalks and mailboxes. There are numerous areas within our community that have free sidewalks through their blocks and several that connected to their adjoining blocks. Truly appreciate your efforts today. Also – I agree with everyone’s assessment we didn’t need to clear the fire hydrants – that’s reserved for the January 2016 event……
  5. Thank you also to those who did not place their shoveled snow into the street when they released their vehicles from the snow load – that helps the plows and the sun to melt what we have on the roadways.


  1. We are trying to get another plow in but it’s difficult due to downed trees (closed streets), fuel impediments, and now the temperature.
  2. You should expect another plow truck and a sand truck in tonight. Sand may not be that effective due to the expected low temperatures. I watched some water draining flash freeze in front of my eyes as I was trying to clear snow to get the water from around a speed hump.
  3. DRIVING IN OUR COMMUNITY IS TREACHEROUS TONIGHT. If you do not need to travel – please do not.


  1. We’ll get a final pass-through of a plow truck tomorrow along with another sanding to get ahead of these freeze temperatures overnight.
  2. TRASH: Patriot does not have a notice about tomorrow on their website. I DO NOT RECOMMEND you place trash out tonight. I do not think the trucks will be able to navigate our streets. Please refer to their website https://www.patriotdisposalservices.com/ for the latest information.

Beyond Tomorrow:
You’ll get another update tomorrow from me. For those with downed boughs and limbs around their properties. We will get our companies in to remove the downed debris however that may take some time due to the widespread damage this storm caused. You are always free to remove any debris that is on your property.

Stay safe. Please.


2021-2022 Winter Event #1, Initial Update

Good evening.

Tomorrow we will go through our first event of the season. With the warm weather we have been experiencing we are not expecting major amounts to stick to our roadways. Please review the 2021-2022 Snow Removal Policy for specifics but here are a few points I’d like to have you consider:

  1. Please do not clear snow on to the streets, sidewalks, or your neighbor’s empty parking spaces
  2. Request you remove snow from the sidewalks in front and, in if appropriate, the rear of your townhomes.
  3. If snow totals are sufficient, please volunteer to clear mailboxes and fire hydrants near your home.
  4. Consider your neighbors who may not be physically able to remove snow easily and assist them as needed.

There is no snow emergency declared for this event.

Stay safe and be prepared.



2020-2021 Snow Event #2, Update #3 and Final Update

Good evening to all.

The Snow Emergency for this event is hereby canceled.

Expect refreezing to occur during the melt so watch where you walk (and drive) during the next few days.

Trash pickup did occur today and we can expect to have recycling pickup tomorrow. Please refer to the Patriot Disposal website for the most accurate information (www.patriotdisposalservices.com).

The Gainsborough Drive Snow Emergency No Parking Zones are hereby rescinded. All poles and tape have been removed from those curbs and parking may resume. Message boards will be updated tomorrow.

The pool parking did not receive any vehicles for the event so normal parking restrictions are hereby in effect.

The marker poles designating the speed humps will remain through the rest of the season.

Thanks again for your assistance with keeping the no parking zones free and to those who took care of the community sidewalks.

Stay safe,


2020-2021 Snow Event #2, Update #2

Good evening to all.

Once again this evening please expect to find adverse conditions on all streets, sidewalks, and footpaths throughout the community.

We will have another salt truck through the roads this evening.

Currently the trash pickup for tomorrow is still on.  Any communities with Monday pickups had to be canceled due to the weather conditions – please refer to the Patriot Disposal website for the most accurate information (www.patriotdisposalservices.com).

The Gainsborough Drive Snow Emergency No Parking Zones remain in effect.  We are keeping the pool parking lot plowed and salted should anyone need to park there (with a valid permit) during this emergency.

As with yesterday’s email, thank you to all who took their time to clear common sidewalks to help make our community more safe to walk through.

Talk to y’all again tomorrow.

Stay safe,