2020-2021 Snow Event #2, Update #1

Good evening to all.

While the snow totals are definitely down from what we expected your efforts have greatly impacted our ability to respond to this event.

First off – I’d like to thank all of our residents who took it upon themselves to shovel off various common sidewalks around the community. Truly appreciate your efforts.

We continue to experience light accumulations of freezing drizzle. We are also experiencing different micro-climates within our community with noticeable differences in road conditions.

Regardless – throughout our community expect to find adverse conditions on all streets, sidewalks, and footpaths in the near-term.

We have had one plow pass this morning through the community and one touch-up pass late this afternoon. We will salt all the roads later tonight. Tomorrow’s response will be based on how we are impacted by the wrap-around impacts of the nor’easter.

The goal is the salt we lay down this evening will be enough to work through whatever minor accumulations we receive tomorrow.

In any case – the Gainsborough Drive Snow Emergency No Parking Zones remain in effect. We are keeping the pool parking lot plowed and salted should anyone need to park there (with a valid permit) during this emergency.

Again – thanks to all who contributed to keeping our sidewalks safe for travel.

Talk to y’all again tomorrow.

Stay safe,