Concrete Work and Tree Work Info – 8 October 2020 Status

Good evening to all.

As stated last night, all parking for the concrete work was opened as of this morning.

The pool parking lot is hereby closed for community parking.

I removed cones from some of the areas this afternoon so they should all be removed from the concrete work areas currently. The walk-through will occur tomorrow.

TREE WORK: We will have a Bartlett crew in the community tomorrow doing some arbor care work for us.

Upper Carriagepark Road – curb parking on the island in front of 4920 through 4926 (from the speed bump to the corner) has been taped off for tomorrow. Please relocate the three vehicles currently parked in that area. For others in the community – as this didn’t receive the usual advance preparation you may have the Bartlett truck parked in odd areas to accomplish some of the work. Please work with the crew if your vehicle becomes unable to get out of it’s space – they’ll get you set free…

Again – please keep vehicle tires off the new concrete as much as possible to let the curing continue.

Enjoy your evening.