Concrete Work Info – Pool Parking Lot Status

All – for those impacted by the concrete work during this week:

The Pool Parking Lot is hereby opened for overflow parking if you wish to utilize it. We currently plan to have the pool parking lot open until 5:00PM on Friday, October 9, 2020. The concrete work should be completed before then – if so the pool parking lot will be closed for parking earlier than Friday.

All vehicles parking there are subject to all the permit parking rules for our community. If you are planning to be away from the community for the rest of the week please relocate your vehicle to non-restricted curb parking or non-restricted visitor parking spaces in the community, not the pool parking lot.

Several more assigned parking spaces were added to the list today. The applicable residences (one residence on Carriagepark Road, three residences on Treasure Court) received notices at the residence along with signs placed on the applicable parking spaces.

Reminder – towing begins tomorrow at 7AM and runs through 6PM – please relocate your vehicles this evening or we will have to relocate them tomorrow at your expense.

Thank you in advance for your help with this.