2021-2022 Winter Event #1, Update #2

Good evening. I anticipate this to be the final update on this storm in this format. Follow-on information will flow through the routine messages I send out each month.

Today’s Actions:

  1. Last night a plow truck did make it in and plowed the streets.
  2. Today had the sun melting away some of the snow.
  3. Patriot canceled all service today due the inclement weather and resulting road conditions. We’d REALLY appreciate if you brought your bags back to your residences – especially the white bags as they will be damaged by our local wildlife over the next several days.


  1. We are not anticipating bringing another truck in this evening. Driving and walking in the community will remain treacherous tonight – please be careful if you venture outside tonight.


  1. RECYCLING: Patriot does not have a notice about tomorrow on their website. For tomorrow’s scheduled recycling service, I would again caution against pulling items to the curb as I’m not sure we will get service tomorrow. Patriot (or the county to all haulers) may cancel due to road conditions again. If you do take items out – please take them back in again if service does not occur.
  2. FCPS is again closed tomorrow – another reason I’m not confident we are getting recycling collection tomorrow.

Beyond Tomorrow:
As I stated above – I anticipate this is your final update for this weather event. For those with downed boughs and limbs around their properties. We will get our companies in to remove the downed debris however that may take some time due to the widespread damage this storm caused. You are always free to remove any debris that is on your property.

Additionally, we’ve received several requests from owners about people to shovel snow. I know several people were out generating some cash by helping yesterday – I applaud your efforts. If you’d like to be part of a list for potential future work on other’s walkways and such please email me your information.

Have a great evening – stay warm and be careful should you venture out.