Tree Removal; All Residences from 4823 through 4851 Carriagepark Road Parking Spaces Impacted, Friday, June 30, 2023, from 7:30AM until complete 

All – due to the amount of parking that is required (spaces 181 through 208) and the visual aspect of a large crane operating in the community I wanted to notify everyone about the upcoming work.  Due to the location of the tree in question the crane is the optimal way to remove the tree without impacting surrounding homes located on portions of Treasure Court, Gainsborough Drive and Carriagepark Road.

Due to the area requirements to support the crane and associated support vehicles, all parking at the lower end of the large island of lower Carriagepark Road will be impacted.  Three spaces (185 through 187) will be impacted through Thursday of next week for timber storage of portions of the tree that are unable to be removed on Friday.

All impacted residences have received letters on their doors this afternoon.  Spaces are marked and signs installed in all areas.

While I’m normally much more diplomatic on the parking aspects of tree work , this time I will be direct.


If you live in the area, please remind your neighbors.  Renting a crane is a massive expense – literally every minute on our clock is around ten dollars so there cannot be work slowdowns or stoppages caused by our inaction.  I do not plan on knocking on doors Friday morning – we will just relocate your vehicle if it is parked in any of the spaces (181 through 208) and charge the residence identified on the permit.

Thank you in advance for your support in making this project a success…