Snow Event #2, 19 January 2024 – Update #1 

Good evening.


2023 – 2024 Snow Removal Policy:

Patriot Disposal Services Website:

Our current situation:

1.  Based on my non-official measurements around the community but mainly based on the lifeguard stands and diving board base – we appear to have had around 6 inches of snow during this storm.

2.  We have had the plow through.  The salt trucks are currently working their way through the various clients and we are on the rotation.

3.  BE VERY CAREFUL IF YOU WALK OR DRIVE IN OUR COMMUNITY TONIGHT.  Black ice is throughout the community in any areas that have not had ice melt treatments applied to them. If it looks wet and shiny it’s probably a skating rink waiting for you to slide across….   That’s for people walking or vehicles trying to drive across the surface….  Watch your steps when you are walking and drive carefully if you are traveling by vehicle.  

4.  Please review the Snow Removal Policy – a couple of points I’d like to make
 – When plows are operating they are working under specific instructions, please do not try to get them to accomplish other tasks.  Contact myself or the Streets and Sidewalks Chair if you have any questions.
  – Plows maintain a distance of 30 inches from all parking spaces / vehicles.  The remainder of the distance is up to us.
  – Request you consider removing the snow and ice from the common sidewalks to the front, and in some cases, the rear of your townhomes.  Also request you clear around nearby mailboxes and fire hydrants.  These actions help us sustain a safe environment for those moving through our community or for any emergency response that may be necessary.

A great amount of work accomplished today by a multitude of volunteers within out community – thank you for your efforts!