Labor Day Social Specifics and Puppy Plunge Information

Good morning! One more email for you listing the specifics for the event today along with some information on the Puppy Plunge next Sunday.

The Labor Day Social is on for today, and we have beautiful weather for it! Setup is at 4:00 PM, and the Social starts at 5:00 PM at the pool. We would like to share a few points with regards to our protocols this year:

1) Following county and CDC guidelines, unvaccinated individuals should plan to wear a mask except when eating or when in the pool; we encourage vaccinated individuals to also wear a mask at those times.

2) We are not renting additional furniture for this event. If we get a large turnout you may consider bringing your own chairs or just sitting on the concrete.

2)Sign-in at the pool is still required for this event. You can sign in ahead of time at the Direct Pool Sign-In Link ( or on a sign-up sheet at the entrance to the event. Hand sanitizer will be available at the sign-in table for your use.

3) We’ll have boxed meals from Red Hot & Blue for you this year – think of this as our substitute for the Fourth of July social we normally have. The boxes include different combinations of meats and sides, which will include utensils and napkins. The boxes will be clearly labeled, so please only take a filled closed box. Do not sort through the boxes or open them until you return to your table. Please keep your forks for cakes, to reduce waste from the event.

4) We’ll have 5-gallon containers with iced tea, lemonade, and water. Hand sanitizer and wipes will be available on the table with the drinks for your use. Please consider bringing a reusable cup with you to reduce waste from the event.

5) We’ll have two cakes that will be cut and placed on plates by a gloved volunteer. Remember to hang on to your forks!

6) We have some activities for the children planned. Hand sanitizer will be available, and we ask that all children wear a mask while participating.

For those of you who volunteered, we will see you at the pool at 4:00pm. For everyone, please show your regard for your neighbors in following the guidelines above. If you are feeling unwell, please do not attend, and use your common sense and judgement when interacting with groups or touching surfaces.


PUPPY PLUNGE; SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 12, 2021; 6:00 PM; POOL. Our inaugural Puppy Plunge is finally on for this year! Attached/linked to this message are two documents (Letter and Agreement) for your review and for those wanting to attend with their dogs, to take action on. Key item to remember is to bring proof of the 2021 Fairfax County dog license with you. The license will be returned to you after review. You will also need to sign the agreement prior to entering the pool deck with your dog. We plan to have two dog egress locations (the permanent steps and a temporary dog ramp) in the main pool.

Look forward to seeing you later today and next weekend!