PWCA Information for Members and Residents (December 2019, Message #1)

Good morning all, welcome to December!  A few notes for you on this wet morning….

1.  HOLIDAY TREE LIGHTING SOCIAL, SUNDAY, DECEMBER 1st, 5:00PM.  We still plan to hold the tree lighting social today.  As with last couple of years, please consider adding an ornament or two to the trees.  The trees will be lit at or shortly after 5:00PM.  For those who are able, we request you to bring holiday cookies down to the social to share with those attending.  Some cookies, hot cider and hot chocolate will be provided….along with a few RAFFLE prizes…..

2.  NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT AND 2020 QUARTERLY ASSESSMENT TIMELINEThese documents have been either hand delivered, mailed, emailed, or you picked them up at the annual meeting.  They may also be found on the website.

3.  REQUEST FOR VOLUNTEERS.  The Communications Committee is looking for a volunteer or two to help with the message board updates at both entrances.  The Pool and Social Committees are in great need of some additional volunteers to help make the activities they are responsible for a success.  My thanks to those who have stepped up to help in the last few months – truly appreciate that.  We need some more to try and lessen the load – please consider providing your name to help.

4.  SOCIAL EVENT SURVEY.  We distributed a survey at the annual meeting and received some excellent feedback.  The survey is attached or a link provided.  Please fill the survey in and return it to myself,, or

5.  2019-2020 SNOW REMOVAL POLICY.  Please see the website for the document.   Reminder, the snow emergency curbs are in effect for the season.  Our towing contractor will tow your vehicle if the curbs have been designated a no parking zone during major snow events.

6.  DECEMBER 2019 and JANUARY 2020 TRASH AND RECYCLING SCHEDULE.  is found in the newsletter and on our website.  The final yard waste pickup of the year will be December 18th.  On the Christmas and New Year’s weeks recycling collection will occur on SATURDAY.  Christmas tree collection will occur on January 8th and 15th.

7.  ANNUAL MEETING EXCERPTS:  Lastly, here’s a few more items that were briefed at the Annual Meeting.  The complete meeting slide deck may be found on the website.  #1 – Elections for three Directors occurred.  Congratulations to Marguerite Wiese and Joe Underwood for being elected to a new three-year term (I was the third up for election and was also re-elected).  #2 – The Ring company has a community discount program available.  We will execute that program later in the year as the discounts currently available through Ring and other sellers surpass the community discount.  See the slide deck for further information.  #3 – we will have a picture repository available to you in the near future.  We request your consider uploading community-related activities or just great pictures you snap in the community.  Our intent is to generate a repository for both Year in Review slide decks and potentially for other uses to promote our community.  #4 – the November 2019 newsletter has been distributed and is available on our website.

Have a great day, hope to see you at the social this early evening!