PWCA Information for Members and Residents (February 2019, Message #2)

Good afternoon to all. With the current weather situation I strongly urge you to consider carefully your travel plans today. Here are several items for you consideration:

1. NEW WEBSITE: The Board approved implementing the new website at the meeting last night. This brings us to a different framework to ease information updates and provide a base for future capabilities to better serve our community. Please take a minute to review the new website.

2. PERMIT PARKING PASS RENEWALS: this is a repeat item from the last update. For Resident and Non-Resident Owners. Please complete and return the form by February 28th. We are targeting a mid-April dissemination of passes. Tenants, you are NOT impacted by this update.
The letter explaining the details of the process may be found in the “FEBRUARY 2019 NEWSLETTER AND INSERTS” post.

3. ACC INSPECTION: is planned to occur on March 9th. Please consider volunteering a few hours of your time to accompany one of the inspection teams and learn some of the processes we use to help keep our community looking great.

4. SPRING TREE WORK: is underway. For those areas impacted by the no parking notices earlier this week, that work did not occur due to maintenance issues. We are currently rescheduled to have that work performed on Friday, February 22nd. Those impacted will get a letter in their door(s) tomorrow if the work is still scheduled to proceed. As a reminder, if you park a car in a no parking zone at the times specified on the notices your vehicle will be relocated and relocation fee charged to your account. This covers all parking spaces in the community (assigned and non-assigned).

5. 2019 SOCIAL ACTIVITIES: the Pool and Social Committees have refined the list of social events the Association is supporting this year. The updated list is available on the new website under the “PWCA Welcome” tab.

6. PET WASTE: a topic of conversation around our community. We discussed this matter last night and here’s a quick summary: 1 – we have produced temporary signs that may be placed at problem areas. 2 – we’ll start to include some pointers in future newsletters as we can generate the content. 3 – we discussed purchasing additional permanent signs. 4 – we may generate a letter to all owners on this subject. For now, we’re soliciting your comments on this issue via email. If you
have any thoughts on how to address the issue, please send them to one or more of the following email addresses:,, or

7. ROAD RAIDERS CLEANUP EVENTS: please consider helping us and the greater Kings Park West activities through the following. We’ll be cleaning up our land on Tapestry Drive adjacent to Roberts Road and part of the Rabbit Branch park on March 9th from 7:15AM – 8:00AM.
Additionally, there is the 2019 Friends of Royal Lake meeting this evening (February 20th), 7PM, at Laurel Ridge Elementary. Lastly, the Spring Parks and Lake cleanup at Royal Lake will occur on April 27th.

I believe that covers all the points I wanted to relay to you. Have a great day, stay safe!



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