PWCA Information for Members and Residents (January 2020, Message #1)

Good evening.

1. WEATHER UPDATE: Our streets were salted this evening. However, this does not guarantee ice-free streets. Drive or walk carefully tonight and in the morning.

2. CHRISTMAS TREE PICKUP TOMORROW, JANUARY 8TH. From our previous holiday schedule information – Christmas tree collection will occur on January 8th and 15th. All tinsel and decorations must be removed and trees SHOULD NOT be placed in plastic bags.

3. POOL HOUSE DECORATION REMOVAL, SATURDAY, JANUARY 11TH, 1:00 PM. Please come down to help us remove the remaining lights and decoration on the pool house.

JANUARY 20TH, 9:00 AM.
On behalf of Sarah, “On the MLK holiday, January 20, we will be having a “Day on, not a day off” Rabbit Branch Park clean up. 9-11, meeting at the Rabbit Branch Park sign on Tapestry Drive. The trash situation has gotten out of control again, especially near all the parked cars.” From me – Please consider giving some time to help clear the trash from the park and our property across Roberts Road. Point of contact is Sarah Lennon at

5. MONTHLY BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING, TUESDAY, JANUARY 21st, 7:00 PM. Please see the website for further information.

6. ROAD RAIDERS, SATURDAY, JANUARY 11TH, 7:15 AM. From Road Raiders: “We are planning the next Road Raiders for this Saturday, Jan 11 at Rabbit Branch Park – Tapestry road. We are looking to clean the sidewalks, clear some simple brush along the sidewalks and curbs leading to and around Rabbit Branch Park. Rabbit Branch park is about 1/4 mile east of Roberts road along Tapestry. We will need trash bags, rakes, shovels, brooms and branch clippers (loppers) to clean the area up. I hope you can participate and join us this Saturday.

7.15 – coffee & donuts to start the day
7.30 – clean-up starts
8.00 – team photo and we can enjoy the day after helping the

Any questions, please let me know. Robinson Students – service hours can be earned at both events!

Tom McCook (”

Have a great evening and don’t fracture or break a foot…