PWCA Information for Members and Residents (July 2022, Message #1)

Good morning.  Several updates for you as we continue through this long weekend.

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1.  POOL PASS DISTRIBUTION.  We’re terminating the pool pass distribution windows after we conducted seven of them for a total of nine days of distribution for this pool season.  There are currently 11 residences with passes ready for pickup and 8 residences who have their passes on hold.  Future pickups will occur individually with the Pool Chair – please contact the Pool Committee email address for specifics. 

2.  TREE WORK; JULY 6 THROUGH 8, 2022.  The tree removal impacting portions of Malone Court and Gainsborough Drive will continue from Wednesday through Friday of next week, weather and schedule permitting. 

3.  POOL FOOTBRIDGE; GROUT RIPRAP.  The pool footbridge project was completed on Wednesday, June 29th.  This completes the project.   

4.  JULY 4TH SOCIAL EVENT; MONDAY, JULY 4, 2022; SETUP – 10:30AM; EVENT 12:00PM (noon); POOL.  Our largest event of the season is TWO DAYS AWAY!!!!  We will be accomplishing this event in the same manner as the Labor Day event in 2021 – with box meals from Red Hot & Blue.  There is no rain date for this event – should adverse weather cancel the event we will request you to come down to the pool house to grab the box meals so they don’t go to waste.  Thank you to the volunteers who stepped forward and as always – more volunteers are always helpful, please email Diane Barnhard at for further information.    

5.  BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING; TUESDAY, JULY 19, 2022; 7:00PM. The July board meeting will be conducted via the RingCentral virtual meeting framework. See the website under ‘Meetings’, select the year (2022), then the meeting (20220719). Document #01-1 contains the information to join the meeting.

6.  REQUEST FOR BLOCK CAPTAIN.  One of our long-serving Block Captains has retired and moved out of the area.  The lower Carriagepark Road (4800-even addresses) is currently without a Block Captain.  If you live in one of these residences (4800 through 4870 Carriagepark Road) please consider submitting your name forward to the Hospitality Committee at

7.  COMMUNITY SECURITY.  Alright – leaving this here again due to several reports of odd activities in the community over the last week.  If out-of-the-ordinary events occur and you are concerned for your safety or security please notify the Police non-emergency number (703) 691-2131 to report the occurrence.  While we advertise a Neighborhood Watch on our signs there has been a lack of interest in the past to actually set one up.  If you are interested in participating please let me know.  If we have sufficient interest we will restart the process with the County but not before I see sufficient volunteers to make the effort worthwhile.  As always, please consider leaving your porch lights on throughout the night, remember to lock your vehicle doors, and notify the non-emergency number should you experience some kind of security event in the future.

8.  STREET LIGHTS.  For those on upper Carriagepark Road.  The street light near 4948 (L13) is currently removed as the concrete pole had broken below the ground.  We have a new pole on order for replacement as soon as possible for you.  For everyone – we don’t always notice when street lights out malfunctioning so please let the Streets and Sidewalks Committee at know if you notice something I haven’t spoken about.  Street light status may also be found in the board packets.

9.  PLAYGROUND WORK, DELAYED WORK START DATE.  The planned start date is undetermined due to crew availability.  More information to follow.  For those who patronize the playground – we will be undertaking replacement of the edge walls.   You can expect up to two weeks of playground closure during this project.  Once the edge walls are replaced we will install a certified safety surface of loose fill engineered wood fiber.  Please do not use the playground during this timeframe.  See the monthly meeting minutes for further information.

10.  BASKETBALL COURT, DELAYED CLOSURE DATE.  During the edge wall construction project the basketball court will be closed for the duration of the project.

11.  POOL INFORMATION.  We are allowing residents to reserve portions of the pool deck during this season.  Please contact the Pool Committee for assistance regarding scheduling and cost.  There is no gas grill available for use this season – please do not plan to utilize one during your pool visits.  

Enjoy the weekend!