PWCA Information for Members and Residents (June 2024, Message #2) 

Good morning – several items for your review.


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1.  2024 POOL PASS DISTRIBUTION.  Remaining distribution of pool passes will be handled on an individual basis with the Pool Committee.  Please email, call, or text the Pool Committee Chair to make arrangements.  

2.  CURRENT POOL ENTRY PROCEDURES.  We are operating using the SignUpGenius systems with your pool passes.  We have had an instance or two of upset individuals who want to enter the pool without a pass.  Please treat our guards with respect – they are just following our prescribed process.  If you have concerns with our process please speak with the Pool Committee – not the guards.

3.  FUTURE POOL ENTRY PROCEDURES.  We are planning to move to a different sign-in system during the season.  This system will provide you the capability to sign-in and sign-out via your phone and should be much more efficient than our current process.  We still plan to have the new system active before July 4th for all pool pass holders.  We will need you to reapply once the system goes active – the approval process will be completely electronic with the new system.  An option will be available for a physical pass at a minor cost if needed. We believe this will be a positive step for all of us to enjoy our pool.

4.  POOL OPERATING HOURS; 2024 REGULAR SEASON HOURS.  Our hours are as normal for this season.

  • Regular Summer Hours (from June 13, 2024 to Labor Day)
    • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday: 11:00AM – 8:00PM
    • Thursday, Saturday: 11:00AM – 9:00PM
    • Exception – for any Holiday, the pool will open at 10:00AM  (i.e. Thursday, July 4, 2024 and Monday, September 2, 2024)

5.  RETAINING WALL REPLACEMENT AND FOOTPATH REPLACEMENT; STARTS TOMORROW, 20 JUNE 2024.  The project begins tomorrow!  Please refrain from traveling on the footpath until completion of the project.  Our last remaining wood retaining wall, located at the main storm water basin to the rear of 4827 Carriagepark Road, has been failing for several years and is in imminent need of replacement before a physical failure occurs.  The project will replace the retaining wall with a concrete wall while also replacing a section of the existing asphalt footpath with a concrete sidewalk.  The existing railings will be modified as needed and reused.  This project will take around two weeks and the footpath will be closed to traffic during the project.  Please adhere to all signs and directions provided during the duration of the project.  Curb spaces and assigned spaces have been marked.  Towing or relocation will occur at the residence’s expense during the duration of the project.

6.  ASPHALT CRACK-FILL, SPECIFIC PARKING SPACE SIGNAGE, AND YELLOW AND WHITE CURB MARKING; JUNE 2024.  We will be accomplishing crack-fill of the asphalt in the drive lanes and in parking spaces where available and painting some parking spaces whose numbers have worn off or the incorrect numbers applied to the space.  We will also repaint the yellow and white curbs during this project.  Some curb spaces and parking spaces will be impacted by this work.  The specific residences and parking spaces impacted will be notified of the specifics as we near the timeframe to accomplish the work.  The crack-fill and painting project is anticipated to be less than two days of impact to you.

7.  PARKING SPACE NUMBERING.  A list of 23 spaces to be repainted has been provided to the contractor.

8.  JULY 4TH SOCIAL EVENT; THURSDAY, JULY 4, 2024; SETUP – 10:30AM; EVENT 12:00PM (noon); POOL.  Our largest event of the season is TWO WEEKS away!  We will be accomplishing this event in the same manner as last year – a catered meal from Red Hot & Blue.  There is no rain date planned for this event – should adverse weather cancel the event we will request you to come down to the pool house with some storage containers to grab food so the meal doesn’t go to waste.  This event needs several volunteers to accomplish the variety of support tasks needed to make a successful event – email Diane Barnhard at for further information.

9.  BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING; TUESDAY; JULY 16, 2024; 7:00 PM; VIRTUAL.  The monthly board meeting will be conducted via the RingCentral virtual meeting framework. For the virtual meeting information, see the link listed above in the Permanent Links section.  Scroll down the the Meeting Materials and Minutes section, select the year (2024), then the meeting (20240716). Document #01-1 contains the information to join the meeting.

10.  WATERING SUPPORT REQUEST CARRIAGEPARK COURT AND CARRIAGEPARK ROAD NEAR THE NEWLY PLANTED SOUTHERN MAGNOLIAS AND PIPELINE LANDSCAPE BED.  Please consider this request as professional watering support is quite expensive to the Association.  We did this project with volunteer support sourced to water the new plantings but that support is not able to continue as planned.  If you are fairly close to the planting area I request your consideration to use your hose bib for an automatic watering system.  We will reimburse for all water consumed by the system during the season.  This system would work as the system functioning from 4800 Carriagepark Road is currently operating. 

11.  INDIVIDUAL GROUNDS CARE OFFER FROM J&J LANDSCAPE MANAGEMENT, APPLY AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.  Our grounds care contractor is again offering residences in our community the ability to have your private yards maintained.  The care options include turf care, lawn care, and leaf removal.  Please refer to the link listed above in the Seasonal Links section, just scroll down the page to the applicable information, or contact myself if you cannot access the information.

12.  GROUNDS CARE REMINDERS.  As a reminder, please keep the following items in mind during the growing season. #1 – keep your vehicle bumpers off the curb during mowing days as the crew cannot mow, edge or trim (as appropriate) when your vehicle is parked on top of the turf. #2 – For those of you who have landscaped up to the sidewalk – you are responsible to keep the sidewalk edge nearest your residence clean if the edger cannot be operated safely. #3 – Keep all items stored inside your fence / or your property for those without rear fences. See the ACC and ECC Rules for additional information.

13.  OWNER ACCOUNT PORTAL.  This is a recurring topic for many of our owners.  Each owner has the ability to access their account through a portal Summit Management offers.  To access the portal, please go to our website and select the ‘Living in PWCA’ tab.  Scroll down the page to the button ‘Vantaca Owner Login’.  If you have not already done so, Vantaca will prompt you to create a login.  Once you login you’ll be able to access your owner information to include the status of your account.  This also provides an avenue to pay any balances due on the account.

14.  OPEN DIRECTOR POSITIONS.  Request your consideration to place your name forward to fill our open Director positions.  We are looking for people who are invested in making a better community for all who reside here.  If you are interested please complete and submit an Application for Candidacy that may be found on our website and is listed above in the links.  The Nominating Committee will reach out to you after you complete that step.  If you have questions I’m also available to speak with you about more specifics.

Hope you enjoy the pool during this heat wave we are in the middle of.  Please remember not to walk on the impacted concrete project areas.  Stay cool!