PWCA Information for Members and Residents (May 2022, Message #3)

Good evening. With many projects underway, there’s again several more updates to provide you tonight.

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1.  POOL PASS DISTRIBUTION; SATURDAY, MAY 28, 2022; 10:30AM to 11:15AM AND JUNE 3, 2022; 6:00PM TO 7:00PM; POOL.  We have decided to hold one additional pass pickup window for those who have submitted their applications up through today (26 May 2022).  For those residences who meet the criteria listed on the application, the next 2022 pool pass distribution will occur at the pool this Saturday.  Photo IDs are required for pass pickup and when entering the pool deck.  The 11:15AM closure window is a hard deadline as we have to prepare for the 12:00PM social.  To preclude some of the questions that have arisen, attached/linked to this message is a list of all residences that will have packets ready for pickup on Saturday.  If your residence is not on the list – usually this is caused by either assessments due or ACC violations – please contact the Pool Committee for specifics. 

2.  POOL OPENING DAY; MAY 28, 2022; 11:00AM.  Pool operations will follow the same basic rules as last year.  Hours of operations will be as normal through Labor Day with the option for the next weekend after Labor Day weekend also possible.  This schedule may be adjusted based on pandemic-related external inputs.  Sign-in to the pool will again be accomplished through the SignUpGenius framework as accomplished last year (  Please be courteous to our lifeguards and accomplish your sign-in – this is part of our safety rules and protocols.  We’d prefer you to accomplish this before you arrive at the pool but we also have a way for you to sign in on tablets when you arrive.  The pool staff, PWCA Board and PWCA Pool Volunteers reserve the right to refuse entry to any patron exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms and to eject any member not adhering to safety protocols or pool rules.

3.  POOL OPENING DAY KICKOFF SOCIAL AND SUNDAES ON SATURDAY; MAY 28, 2022, 12:00PM.  Please come enjoy a hot dog, chips, and a sundae to celebrate the opening of the pool!

4.  LIFEGUARD CERTIFICATION CLASSES, POOL DECK.  Our pool management contractor will be conducting lifeguard certification classes on our pool deck at various times during the month of May.  There is another class planned for Sunday morning at this time.  This is the final occurrence of this item in my updates though additional classes may occur during the season.  I will notify you should they occur during normal pool operating hours.

5.  TREE WORK.  The removal portion has been postponed due to storm damage at other Associations.  Malone Court – you will be impacted from Tuesday, May 31st through Thursday, June 2nd.  Private tree removal work will impact a portion of lower Carriagepark Road on Thursday, 2 June and Friday, 3 June. 

6.  GRADUATION EVENTS AT EAGLE BANK ARENA, THROUGH JUNE 17, 2022.  Graduation season is here and we are back to pre-pandemic graduations with the attendant impacts to traffic on our roads.  Please see our website for the list of the 31 graduations planned through June 17th.  Anticipate major traffic delays before and after each event so plan accordingly when you travel from/to our community.

7.  BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING; TUESDAY, JUNE 21, 2022; 7:00PM. The June board meeting will be conducted via the RingCentral virtual meeting framework. See the website under ‘Meetings’, select the year (2022), then the meeting (20220621). Document #01-1 contains the information to join the meeting.

8.  PLAYGROUND WORK, DELAYED WORK START DATE.  The planned start date is undetermined due to crew availability.  More information to follow.  For those who patronize the playground – we will be undertaking replacement of the edge walls.   You can expect up to two weeks of playground closure during this project.  Once the edge walls are replaced we will install a certified safety surface of loose fill engineered wood fiber.  Please do not use the playground during this timeframe.  See the monthly meeting minutes for further information.

9.  BASKETBALL COURT, DELAYED CLOSURE DATE.  During the edge wall construction project the basketball courts will be closed for the duration of the project.

10.  POOL INFORMATION.  We are allowing residents to reserve portions of the pool deck during this season.  Please contact the Pool Committee for assistance regarding scheduling and cost.  There is no gas grill available for use this season – please do not plan to utilize one during your pool visits.

11.  RESIDENCE YARD MAINTENANCE.  Thank you to the vast majority of our residents (owners, non-resident owners and tenants) for taking care of your front and rear yards and your trees/shrubs.  As a reminder to all – please keep your yards maintained so we don’t have to go down the other path.  If you have questions, feel free to contact us – there are multiple companies accomplishing yard work in our community.  Please see below from our Environmental Control Committee:

Members and Residents – this is a reminder that yard maintenance rules are enforced year round, but the growing season is well upon us. Members and residents are advised to pay attention to any support contracts they have in place for yards and grounds care, and reminded to ensure attention is taken for front, side, and back yards. Also please contact for any ACC modifications inclusive of yard adjustments during the seasons.

Community Rules [PDF – Google Drive] – Section 2.14 Townhome Lot Maintenance outlines instructions for proper yard and property maintenance activities.

Note that Violations for Environmental issues, due to the persistent nature of environmental violations, all violations are considered to hold a duration of six-months.

Please visit the Association website for more information from the community –

PWCA – Environment Committee

12.  2022 STRATEGIC PLAN UPDATE – REQUEST FOR COMMENTS, NO LATER THAN 30 JUNE 2022.  As documented in the shortly-to-be-distributed May 2022 Park West Pages, for this year we are more specifically reaching out to you as part of our consideration of updates to future years’ goal and targets to request any input you might have to the document.  

May you and yours have a safe Memorial Day weekend – please take a beat to remember those who sacrificed all.