PWCA Information for Members and Residents (November 2019, Message #1)

Good morning to you all. Hopefully you are enjoying this splendid (though cool) day. Here are several items for your consideration:

1. LENDING LIBRARY AND PATIO. For those who were at the last Annual Meeting, one of our owners requested consideration for installation of a lending library at her expense to honor her mother, Miriam Bracco. After almost one year, on Friday, November 1st, we installed the patio, one of two benches, and the stand for the library! It’s found on the ground at the intersection of Gainsborough Drive and Carriagepark Road. Please refrain from walking on the patio or sitting on the bench until Sunday afternoon to allow the concrete to set properly. The second bench and library itself will be installed in the near future. May Miriam Bracco’s love for learning continue to provide enjoyment for future generations in our community. Janine’s intent is to have book reading for the children during the summers – and potentially other times during the year. If any of you are interested to help her please contact and we’ll be happy to put you in touch.

2. GLASS RECYCLING. Glass recycling in NO LONGER supported for curbside pickup in Fairfax County. EFFECTIVE NOVEMBER 11 2019, recycling containers that contain glass will be considered contaminated and will not be picked up. Please see the following articles for further information – including a map to the purple containers Fairfax County has placed for glass recycling if you wish to utilize that method for recycling.

3. ANNUAL MEETING, THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 21st, 8:00PM, Lord of Life Lutheran Church. The 2019 meeting will occur in the same location as last year. All documents have been either electronically or physically mailed to Members of the Association. Those documents may also be found on the website. Please consider submitting your name for election this year. Fresh insight and enthusiasm is welcomed on the board.

4. MONTHLY BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING, THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 21st, 6:30PM: Please note the monthly board meeting will occur before the Annual Meeting. This will be an abbreviated meeting to allow for Annual Meeting preparations.

5. HOLIDAY TREE LIGHTING SOCIAL, SUNDAY, DECEMBER 1st, 5PM: Please come enjoy the start of our holiday season at the pool parking lot. As with last couple of years, please consider adding an ornament or two to the trees on November 30th or December 1st. The trees will be lit at or shortly after 5:00PM. For those who are able, we request you to bring holiday cookies down to the social to share with all those attending. Hot cider and hot chocolate will be provided.