RESIDENT and NON-RESIDENT OWNER – Parking Permit Renewals


To those who have mailed or handed in their applications – thank you.

If you have not – it is IMPORTANT you get the application turned in AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

Specifically, if you have not turned in your applications by MARCH 12TH (via mail or hand delivery) you are at risk of not receiving your permits before your current permits expire.

Expired permits will be towed once the implementation window has passed.

Tenants, you are NOT impacted by this renewal – your permits continue to follow the standard process.

The letter explaining the details of the process may be found in the “FEBRUARY 2019 NEWSLETTER AND INSERTS” post.

Thanks again to those who have turned in their documents and read this entire email – to the others, please get this taken care of in the next few days.


Mark Griffin