Upcoming Tree Work Throughout the Community

Good evening.  Just a reminder that tree work will start tomorrow morning.

All impacted areas were marked last Friday.  All assigned spaces received a letter in their front door.

Non-assigned curb parking on the Carriagepark Court island and visitor spaces on upper Gainsborough Drive are impacted by the work tomorrow and potentially Wednesday.  All visitor parking on the island edge that borders 4714 through 4720 are impacted along with the two visitors spaces opposite 4715.

Please have your vehicles removed by 0730 tomorrow morning or you risk being relocated with the charge applied to the address associated with the vehicle.

Because the parking load is rather low currently the pool parking lot IS NOT open for parking.

Additional tree work will be occurring next week.  I do not yet have the impacted spaces and non-assigned parking fully assessed yet but those notices and markings will be set up by the end of the week.

Thank you as always for your help in supporting the efforts!