February 2019 Newsletter and Inserts

The following documents were hand delivered, mailed, or emailed to owners and residents.

  1. February 2019 Newsletter (Resident and Non-Resident Owners, Tenants)
  2. Parking Permit Renewal Letter (renewal does not affect tenant permits) (Resident and Non-Resident Owners) – must be returned by no later than February 28, 2019.
  3. Synopsized Trash and Recycling Rules (integrated in newsletter) (Resident and Non-Resident Owners, Tenants)
  4. 2019 Pool Pass Application (Resident Owners, Tenants)

Board of Directors Meeting, February 19, 2019, 7PM, Lord of Life

The next meeting of the PWCA Board of Directors will be held on Tuesday, February 19th, 7:00 P.M., at the Lord of Life Lutheran Church, Conference Room, 5114 Twinbrook Road, Fairfax, VA 22032. To see the Meeting Agenda please go to the Meeting Minutes and Agendas section of the website.

All members are encouraged to attend. In an effort to carry out all BOD meetings in a timely manner, the Board asks that you request an item to be added to the agenda. The Board will discuss agenda items first and then open up the floor to general discussion and questions.

If you have an item you wish to add to the agenda, please submit a request in writing to:

Park West Community Association
c/o Summit Management Services
Attn: Lori Randall
8405-A Richmond Highway
Alexandria, VA 22039Or send an e-mail to:

Please have all requests to the board no later than 5:00 P.M. one week prior to the meeting so an agenda may be compiled.

PWCA Information for Members and Residents (February 2019, Message #1)

Good afternoon to all. A couple of items for your consideration.

1. SHORT NOTICE NOTIFICATION. COMMUNITY MEETING THIS EVENING. Our District Supervisor, Mr. John Cook, will be holding a Community Information Meeting on February 12th at the Oak View Elementary School at 7:30p.m. in regards to a proposed residential development at the northeast corner of the Roberts Road/Braddock Road intersection. This is one year to the date from the first community meeting.

Per the invitation email, “In late November, the Board of Supervisors adopted a Comprehensive Plan Amendment for the 9.94-acre site which would retain a base density of 1 to 2 dwelling units per acre, but allow more intense development of this property if certain conditions are met, including consolidation of the parcels, environmentally sensitive design, and improved pedestrian connections. The developer is now proposing to rezone the property from the R-1 District to PDH-5. The proposed development would be a high-end residential community with 45 houses, centrally located community amenities, and open space. Access would be from a single entrance on Roberts Road. The applicant has proposed a tree save area and decorative screening wall along Braddock Road. An additional tree preservation area is proposed along the eastern property boundary with University Park.”

2. NEWSLETTERS: were distributed. Thank you to those who have opt’d in to receive these types of communications electronically. By doing so you saved the Association $2 for each hand delivered packet and $2 plus the cost of postage for each mailed packet. In just this information dissemination we saved more then $150. For those who haven’t opt’d in, I’ve attached a form for your consideration. UPDATE – some packets have not yet been distributed but should be in the next couple of days.

3. BOARD MEETING: will be next Tuesday, February 19th at Lord of Life.

4. PERMIT PARKING PASS RENEWALS: for resident and non-resident owners
– you received the letter and an application form in the latest packet. Please complete and return by February 28th. We are targeting a mid-April dissemination of passes. Tenants, you are NOT impacted by this update.

5. 2019 SOCIAL ACTIVITIES: the Pool and Social Committees have refined the list of social events the Association is supporting this year. The updated list will be available at the board meeting and on the website shortly thereafter.

6. SPRING TREE WORK: is around the corner. We currently anticipate work occurring in the March/April timeframe. Further information to follow.

That’s it for this evening – wanted to get the information out about this community meeting this evening if anyone is interested.

Have a great night!



PWCA Information for Members and Residents (December 2018, Message #1)

Good evening to all. As we focus on the holiday season I wanted to give
everyone some items for your consideration.

  • TRASH:
    — CHRISTMAS – Trash collection will not occur on Tuesday,
    December 25th. The next trash collection will occur on Friday, December
    — NEW YEAR’S – Trash collection will not occur on Tuesday,
    January 1st. The next trash collection will occur on Friday, January
    — CHRISTMAS – recycling collection will occur on Wednesday,
    December 26th.
    — NEW YEAR’S – recycling collection will occur on Wednesday,
    January 2nd.
  • CHRISTMAS TREE COLLECTION – will occur on Wednesday, January 2nd
    and Wednesday, January 9th. All tinsel and decorations must be removed
    and trees SHOULD NOT be placed in plastic bags.
  1. 2019 ASSESSMENTS: as a reminder, the first 2019 assessment is due
    on January 1st. The 2019 quarterly maintenance assessment is $335.00.
    See our website for further details.
  2. 2018-2019 ASSOCIATION ELECTION RESULTS: At the December 2018 Board
    of Directors meeting I was elected President for another year. Joe
    Underwood was elected Vice President, Steve Lubore was elected
    Treasurer, and Matt Strain was elected Secretary. Officers are elected
    for one-year terms at the meeting immediately proceeding the Annual
    Meeting. For Committees; as announced at the Annual Meeting – Don
    Malkowski will be the Nominating Committee Chair for 2019. He also
    takes over the Pool Committee chair position for the upcoming year. All
    other Committees remained as designated for 2018.
  3. OPEN DIRECTOR POSITION: As he stated at the Annual Meeting, Rich
    Juchnewicz has retired from the Board after 18 years of volunteer
    service to our community and many other previous years of volunteer
    service before that (all in addition to his years of service in uniform
    to our country). My heartfelt thanks to him both personally and on
    behalf of the Association for the years of selfless service he has
    provided our community. He will be missed. If you have a desire to
    volunteer some time and join our Board please complete and submit an
    Application for Candidacy that may be found on our website and is
    attached to this message. The Nominating Committee will reach out to
    you after you complete that step.
  4. JOAN MURPHY: As I released earlier, Joan Murphy has passed away.
    She also served our community with selfless service for years – she will
    be missed – especially considering the lack of foreknowledge we had on
    her passing. My thanks to those who attended her memorial service and
    to those who attended the reception at her daughter’s in Leesburg.
    December 14th was a hard day.
    residents of Treasure Court, the Hospitality Committee and Parking
    Committee are looking for individuals interested in becoming a Block
    Captain for the street. A Parking Official is also needed. This need
    is due to Joan’s passing so please consider stepping forward to help
    your neighbors.
  6. LEAVES: Lastly, if you have not taken care of the leaves in your
    front yards please do so. Help keep our community more neat and most
    probably, your neighbors more happy.

Life continues. Please enjoy the holidays but stay safe. My hope for
you is to drive carefully, consider your neighbors, and close out 2018
on a high note. I look forward to 2019, see you soon…



PWCA Information for Members and Residents (January 2019, Message #2)

Good evening to all. A couple of items for you tonight.

  1. TRASH AND RECYCLING PICKUP: Regularly scheduled pickup is planned to occur tomorrow (Tuesday, 15 January). Yard debris pickup has been
    suspended until March 2019. Christmas tree pickup has already occurred
  • if you have not placed your tree out at the scheduled pickup dates (2 and 9 January) you are responsible for getting your tree to the I-66
    collection station.
  1. BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING: is planned to occur tomorrow evening.
    Please consider attending.
  2. SNOW: A huge THANK YOU to those who took care of their sidewalks
    and the many who went above and beyond to care for the community
    sidewalks. Many of the highly traveled community sidewalks have been
    cared for by nameless volunteers – there are still lengths of sidewalk
    that could use a shovel if you are still able to help…. Be careful as
    you travel at night and in the mornings – the next couple of evenings
    will see slick spots in the community from non-melted snow/ice and black
    ice formed from the melt waters.
  3. PET WASTE: Thank you again to those owners who are conscientious
    about cleaning up after their dog. For the others, please pick up after
    your pets. Fairfax County states the following in the 2019 insert to
    your dog license: “picking up after your dog is part of the commitment
    of owning a pet.” and “It’s the law: failure to properly dispose of dog
    waste is a Class 4 misdemeanor and subject up to a $250 fine. (County
    code Section 41.1-2-6).”

That’s it for tonight – hope y’all stay safe during these evening of
black ice.