Pool Opening Status (27 July 2020)

Good afternoon to you all. For today please see below for items related
to our pool opening:

  1. Pool Pass Distribution. Our last scheduled pool pass pickup is today (Monday, 27 July 2020) from 4:00pm through 7:00pm. If you want to get your pool passes for this season please follow the following rules:
    1A. Photo IDs are required for pass pickup and when entering the pool deck for a reservation.
    1B. At the time of pickup each adult (any person 16 or over) will be required to sign a legal waiver of liability, “Agreement to Assume Risk and Release”. Each adult must sign. One representative from a specific address may bring signed waivers from the other members living at the address. Adults will sign for any children under 16 residing at the address.
    1C. We are working on follow-on dates and times for pass pickup but those dates are undetermined at the current moment. In the interim please email pool@parkwestcommunity.org for further information.
  2. First Day of Pool Operations. Friday, 31 July 2020. The pool will open at 11:00am.
  3. Pool Operational Hours. Our planned hours of operations will be 11:00am – 8:00pm seven days a week until Labor Day. This may be adjusted based on staffing or pandemic-related external inputs.
  4. Reservation System. The system is almost ready for operations. Reservations will be allowed 1 day prior. All residences are limited to a maximum of two reservations per day. Please see specifics in the Operations Plan. Specifically,
    4A. Recreation Area #1 had direct step access. Reservations should be limited to medical needs or small children only.
    4B. All areas are limited to 5 people living in one residence.
    4C. The lap lane is limited to one person for exercise only with the exception of people gaining access to Recreation Swim Areas #6 and #7. They will access through the lap lane during periods of time where the lap lane user is more then ten (10) feet away.
  5. All individuals stepping onto the pool deck will be required to sign two different waivers. One waiver will be signed during the pool pass pickup, another pool use waiver will be signed when you physically arrive at the pool for your reservation.
  6. Social distancing rules (10 feet) are in effect. See the Operating Plan for further information.

Lastly, as I previously requested please adhere to the Operating Plan guidance and be gracious as we work through some of the challenges we will face to ensure equitable accessibility to our pool. Our plan relies on you to act responsibly, adhere to guidelines and rules and to stay at home if you exhibit symptoms or have a fever.

Thanks again, please stay safe and well and enjoy our pool responsibly.

All the Best,

Mark Griffin