Pool Opening Status (29 July 2020)

Good afternoon to you all.  We continue to track for an opening of the pool at 11:00AM tomorrow, Friday, 31 July 2020.  The weather may not be as cooperative this weekend as it has been recently but we’ll make the best of it.

For pool passes – if you have not picked up your pool passes there is a window of opportunity for you to do so from 6:30PM – 7:00PM tonight at the pool house.  Additionally, there will be windows of opportunity from 7:00PM – 8:00PM on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  If you miss all those, please contact pool@parkwestcommunity.org for assistance.  Lifeguards will not hand out pool passes.

Now – here’s additional information regarding the season.  This is in addition to the Pool Operating Plan requirements and overall pool rules.

These rules are subject to update and modification at any time.

 – The reservation system in use for this season is through SignUpGenius.
 – Reservations are only allowed for the next day. Each address is limited to two reservations per day.
 – There are 6 windows each day. Each window contains 1 lap lane, 10 general recreation swim areas, and one wading pool area.
 – The reservation screen will require you to include your name, address, the number of attendees and name of each attendee (each of whom must have a pool pass), phone number, email, and confirmation of a pandemic-related question.
 – The signup framework is active.  You may access the signup at:  https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10C0C4CACAC2AA31-pwca

 – Complete the Pool User Acknowledgement form prior to coming to the pool for your reservation.
 – Get in line to check-in observing all social distancing rules.  Maintain 6 feet of separation outside the pool fence, 10 feet of separation inside the pool fence.  Wear a mask while in line to check-in and when you cannot maintain 10 feet of separation to non-household individuals on the pool deck.
 – When arriving at guard desk, you will show a photo ID, your 2020 pool pass, and your completed Pool User Acknowledgement form for all adults.
 — Any Adult card holder (18 or older) may also check-in Child pass holders.  The adult will also sign for any children under their care.
 — For adults less than 18 years old, we recommend the parent sign the Pool User Acknowledgement form to include the children being included in the reservation.
 — Children must have a pool pass and be signed for by an adult.
 – The guards will verify your Pool User Acknowledgement form responses.  If you exhibit any signs specified in the form, decline to follow the social distancing rules, or have not verified you have not been more than 75 miles away from the community in the previous 14 days – you will not be allowed to enter the pool deck.
 – The guards will then assign you a swimming area (if applicable), and direct you to the area on the pool deck corresponding to the swim area.
 – Congratulations!  You have passed the check and may enter the pool

 – Each window is 60-minutes long.  You must take all items you brought with you when you leave.
 – No Lost and Found is being maintained.  All items left will be put into a trash can.  Should you be missing something you’ll have to look through the trash – we are not keeping any items.
 – You may remain out on the pool parking lot if you have a reservation for the succeeding hour.  You will complete the check-in process as delineated in item 1 for your second reservation.

The pool committee will set up additional dates and times to distribute pool passes. Guards cannot provide pool passes for you – you will have to wait. Email pool@parkwestcommunity.org for further information.

– Ensure you are familiar with ALL pool rules for the season.  Pandemic-related rules are published in the Operating Plan and are found on signs located on the pool fence.
– Stay within your designated area.  The only exception are entry and egress from Swim Areas #6 and #7.  You will enter through the Lap Lane when the individual using the lap lane is more then 10 feet away from you and heading away from you.
– All furniture you bring must remain in your designated area.

Finally, We are relying on you to take personal responsibility for yourself and those around you and adhere to the requirements.  Volunteers will be conducting social distancing management.  You may be asked to leave the pool deck area if you are not adhering to safety protocols.

There you go – you’ve got the latest information we have.  These rules will be adjusted on the-fly as needed.  Please be gracious as we together achieve one small victory in this unprecedented time of our lives.

Stay safe,

Mark Griffin