PWCA Information for Members and Residents (December 2018, Message #1)

Good evening to all. As we focus on the holiday season I wanted to give
everyone some items for your consideration.

  • TRASH:
    — CHRISTMAS – Trash collection will not occur on Tuesday,
    December 25th. The next trash collection will occur on Friday, December
    — NEW YEAR’S – Trash collection will not occur on Tuesday,
    January 1st. The next trash collection will occur on Friday, January
    — CHRISTMAS – recycling collection will occur on Wednesday,
    December 26th.
    — NEW YEAR’S – recycling collection will occur on Wednesday,
    January 2nd.
  • CHRISTMAS TREE COLLECTION – will occur on Wednesday, January 2nd
    and Wednesday, January 9th. All tinsel and decorations must be removed
    and trees SHOULD NOT be placed in plastic bags.
  1. 2019 ASSESSMENTS: as a reminder, the first 2019 assessment is due
    on January 1st. The 2019 quarterly maintenance assessment is $335.00.
    See our website for further details.
  2. 2018-2019 ASSOCIATION ELECTION RESULTS: At the December 2018 Board
    of Directors meeting I was elected President for another year. Joe
    Underwood was elected Vice President, Steve Lubore was elected
    Treasurer, and Matt Strain was elected Secretary. Officers are elected
    for one-year terms at the meeting immediately proceeding the Annual
    Meeting. For Committees; as announced at the Annual Meeting – Don
    Malkowski will be the Nominating Committee Chair for 2019. He also
    takes over the Pool Committee chair position for the upcoming year. All
    other Committees remained as designated for 2018.
  3. OPEN DIRECTOR POSITION: As he stated at the Annual Meeting, Rich
    Juchnewicz has retired from the Board after 18 years of volunteer
    service to our community and many other previous years of volunteer
    service before that (all in addition to his years of service in uniform
    to our country). My heartfelt thanks to him both personally and on
    behalf of the Association for the years of selfless service he has
    provided our community. He will be missed. If you have a desire to
    volunteer some time and join our Board please complete and submit an
    Application for Candidacy that may be found on our website and is
    attached to this message. The Nominating Committee will reach out to
    you after you complete that step.
  4. JOAN MURPHY: As I released earlier, Joan Murphy has passed away.
    She also served our community with selfless service for years – she will
    be missed – especially considering the lack of foreknowledge we had on
    her passing. My thanks to those who attended her memorial service and
    to those who attended the reception at her daughter’s in Leesburg.
    December 14th was a hard day.
    residents of Treasure Court, the Hospitality Committee and Parking
    Committee are looking for individuals interested in becoming a Block
    Captain for the street. A Parking Official is also needed. This need
    is due to Joan’s passing so please consider stepping forward to help
    your neighbors.
  6. LEAVES: Lastly, if you have not taken care of the leaves in your
    front yards please do so. Help keep our community more neat and most
    probably, your neighbors more happy.

Life continues. Please enjoy the holidays but stay safe. My hope for
you is to drive carefully, consider your neighbors, and close out 2018
on a high note. I look forward to 2019, see you soon…