PWCA Information for Members and Residents (July 2021, Message #1)

Good afternoon/evening to each of you. please find the latest information I have for you below.

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  1. ASPHALT SEAL COAT PROJECT – START DATE 19 JULY 2021. We are just over ONE week to the start of the seal coat project. Each residence in the community will receive a notice regarding the work over the next few days. This notice will include your specific section identifier along with the numbers of your two assigned parking spaces and the related duration of the immediate impact to you. A sample letter is attached/linked to this message along with the information slides regarding the project. You should expect the same level of impact to your schedule as with the 2017 repaving project and consider alternative arrangements should that impact be a challenge for you and/or your family. To summarize: plan for no access to your parking spaces, no trash service at your collection point, no mail, no summer school bus service within the community.
  2. PARKING DURING THE ASPHALT SEAL COAT PROJECT. Your alternate parking choices are currently the pool parking lot, non-assigned parking in other sections of the community, or street parking on Roberts Road or Sideburn Road. The pool parking lot will be open to permitted vehicles until the Section 4 work (July 28th through 30th). Should the George Mason University parking areas be approved we will notify you through this distribution list.
  3. BASKETBALL COURT RESURFACING PROJECT. Start date still undetermined due to scheduling challenges. The court will be closed for a week during this project.
  4. POOL INFORMATION. I do not believe we are having any issues with patrons at our pool but as our pool management company has requested all their clients to send information to all community members I’m attaching/linking the latest update on the staffing challenge being experienced this season. In support of Atlantic’s efforts to hire additional staff, another lifeguard certification will occur on Sunday, July 11th from 4pm through closure of the pool to patrons at 8pm. There will not be many attendees at this certification course but please be aware if you patronize the pool during that period of time that parts of the pool and pool deck will be reserved for the certification course.
  5. TUESDAY’s TALES, EACH TUESDAY, 10:00AM, Lending Library Patio. Tuesday’s Tales is in full swing! All children are welcome, the books are oriented toward pre-K through 2nd graders. There will be a story read by one of your KPW neighbors, followed by a fun activity! Please bring a blanket or beach towel to sit on so that we can practice social distancing. All children should wear a mask. See the website or the notice at the pool house for further information.
  6. BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING, July 20, 2021; 7:00PM; Virtual. The July board meeting will be conducted via the RingCentral virtual meeting framework. See the website under ‘Meetings’, select the year (2021), then the meeting (20210720). Document #01-01 contains the information to join the meeting
  7. LABOR DAY SOCIAL. We have had a couple of volunteers step forward but could use some additional help to plan the event. A sign-up is available for you to volunteer and is also linked from the pool sign-in framework. The Pool and Social Committees are jointly leading this effort, please contact or with any questions.
  8. ACC SPRING 2021 HOME INSPECTION, FIRST LETTER DISTRIBUTION ERROR. For those residences who received only recommendations for this past inspection – we experienced a distribution error. The letters were printed double sided so half the residences received both their letter and another residence’s letter. This has been corrected and the residences that did not receive their letter have had another letter printed and mailed to them. No residences that received letters with Required Items were impacted by this error. We apologize for the error.

Thank you for reading this – please take any necessary steps this upcoming week to prepare for the seal coat project’s specific impact to you and/or your family.