Seal Coat Project – Section Error on a subset of Notice Letters

To all – I made a mistake on the mail merge. The ‘Section’ on the letter you received corresponds to the repaving section, not to the seal coat section. There were 84 residences that have a different section identifier for seal coat than were actually printed on their notice. These residences are located on Carriagepark Court, a portion of Carrigepark Road (4800s, even addresses only), and a portion of Gainsborough Drive (specific addresses between 4714 and 4752 along with 4760 through 4774).

The specific residences impacted by this error are receiving an updated notice on their front doors as I type.

For all – the map (slide/page 5) is accurate – if you have a question please reference the map for your section and duration of closure for your section.

Section 4 – we have received several questions on the pool parking lot being closed as part of this section. I understand this is an additional complication for you but this is the way we were ably to shoehorn the community into four sections/two weeks. The four sections were briefed during the June 2021 Board meeting. Section decisions were made based on the assumption we would have the George Mason University parking lot available for parking. However – that parking option is not finalized as of this moment in time.

I’ve attached the latest information slides on the project again to this message.

Thank you in advance for your forbearance and understanding during this temporary inconvenience required to protect the investment in our community streets and parking areas.