PWCA Information for Members and Residents (June 2020, Message #1)

Good afternoon to all of you. I’ll follow the same format as before in providing you changed information at the top and unchanged pandemic-related information below.

CDC guidance:
Johns Hopkins GLobal COVID-19 Map and Coronavirus Resources:
State-wide analysis and guidance:
County-specific guidance:
County Emergency Preparedness:


1. BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING, JUNE 16, 7:00PM. The June board meeting will again be conducted via the RingCentral virtual meeting framework. See the website under ‘Meetings’, select the year (2020), then the meeting (20200616). Document #01-1 contains the information to join the meeting.

2. MAY 2020 NEWSLETTER. The newsletter has been added to the website. This newsletter is digital-only due to the COVID-19 impacts – if you need a hard copy please contact

3. POOL. The pool opening date remains undetermined. As a result of these unprecedented challenges we are creating a 2020 Pool Operating Plan and need some volunteers to work many of the details. If you are willing to help with the plan generation please contact and myself for further information. For everyone – please continue to send you pool applications in, we are moving along the process of creating them but will not be handing them out until we have better granularity on when/if we are opening this season. However, if you wait till the last minute to send your application in it will take time to turn them around and you will miss some of whatever remaining time there is in the season. Lastly, Atlantic is still looking for lifeguards for this season.

4. RECYCLING AND TRASH. As the recycling requirements have been adjusted, please find the current recycling rules, an “Always-Never” flyer, the Household Hazardous Waste rules, and the current Summary of Trash and Recycling Rules on the website. Should you see someone placing trash or recycling out at an unauthorized time, feel free to take their picture (to include the residence they are coming from/returning to) and email the pictures to


5. TOT LOT AND BASKETBALL COURT. Closed until further notice.

6. LENDING LIBRARY PATIO. Closed until further notice. All the books that were in the library have been removed and disposed of. Please do not place any of your personal books in the library.

7. COMMON AREAS. Closed until further notice.

8. ACC: All rules remain in effect.

9. ACC SPRING 2020 INSPECTION. Postponed until further notice.

10. ECC: All rules remain in effect.

11. YARD DEBRIS PICKUP. Has restarted. All yard waste requirements and constraints are in effect as normal. Some reminders: #1 – our window opens at 6:00AM and we are occasionally the first pickup community so they are in here at that time. #2 – Our contractor WILL NOT pick up yard waste in plastic bags (Fairfax County requirement). #3 – Place yard waste out in paper bags or containers labeled ‘YARD WASTE’.

12. BULK WASTE PICKUP. Advanced notice is required for any bulk item pickup. Fees will be increased slightly to cover the additional handling costs due to COVID-19. Bulk items include furniture, mattresses, grills, exercise equipment, construction debris, or any other large item that would normally be collected with a rear-load trash truck.

13. GLASS RECYCLING (PURPLE CONTAINERS): Glass recycling has resumed and the purple recycling containers are located throughout Fairfax County.

14. Parking: All rules remain in effect.


16. COMMUNITY SUPPORT REQUEST. This request remains active – thank you to those who have responded so far.

Stay safe and well,