PWCA Information for Members and Residents (May 2020, Message #1)

Good afternoon to all of you. We have several changes to the pandemic-related actions for our community so here’s a current compendium of items I’m tracking for y’all.

CDC guidance:
Johns Hopkins GLobal COVID-19 Map and Coronavirus Resources:
State-wide analysis and guidance:
County-specific guidance:
County Emergency Preparedness:


1. YARD DEBRIS PICKUP. Will restart on Wednesday, May 20, 2020. All yard waste requirements and constraints are in effect as normal. REMINDER – they WILL NOT pick up yard waste in plastic bags. Use paper bags or containers labeled ‘YARD WASTE’.

2. BULK WASTE PICKUP. Scheduling for bulk waste pickup is now operating. Advance notice is required for any bulk item pickup. Fees will be increased slightly to cover the additional handling costs due to COVID-19. Bulk items include furniture, mattresses, grills, exercise equipment, construction debris, or any other large item that would normally be collected with a rear-load trash truck.

3. GLASS RECYCLING (PURPLE CONTAINERS). Glass recycling has resumed and the purple recycling containers are reset at locations throughout Fairfax County.

4. BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING, MAY 19, 7:00PM. The May board meeting will again be conducted via the RingCentral virtual meeting framework. See the website under ‘Meetings’, select the year (2020), then the meeting (20200519). Document #01-1 contains the information to join the meeting.

5. MAY 2020 NEWSLETTER. This newsletter will be digital-only due to the COVID-19 impacts.

6. POOL. In case you were wondering – the pool will not open on Memorial Day weekend this year. The opening date is undetermined as are the rules to be enacted if we are able to open. Please continue to send your applications in – more information to follow as the state of Virginia and then Fairfax County issues additional guidance and direction for community pools. Furthermore, staffing will be a challenge due to the travel restrictions in effect for the international lifeguards. Please find attached/linked a flyer from Atlantic – if you had thoughts of doing a lifeguard position for the summer this is a great opportunity.

7. TRASH. We continue to have individual residences who place trash out any day of the week. The negative impacts of this are too many to list here – especially during this pandemic. Patriot goes well above and beyond in picking up loose trash – the official County position is for EVERYONE to place trash in containers or it won’t be picked up. We
have been lucky that the edict is not enforced currently for us. Should you see someone placing trash out at an unauthorized time, feel free to take their picture (to include the residence they are coming from/returning to) and email the pictures to


8. TOT LOT AND BASKETBALL COURT. Closed until further notice.

9. LENDING LIBRARY PATIO. Closed until further notice. All the books that were in the library have been removed and disposed of. Please do not place any of your personal books in the library.

10. COMMON AREAS. Closed until further notice.

11. ACC SPRING 2020 INSPECTION. Postponed until further notice.


13. ACC. All rules remain in effect.

14. ECC. All rules remain in effect.

15. PARKING. All rules remain in effect.

16. COMMUNITY SUPPORT REQUEST. Our thanks to those who have responded to the support request we sent out on April 2nd. The request is either attached or linked to this message if you did not receive previously.

17. COMMON AREA CLEANUP REQUEST. I have seen several families out picking up loose trash around our community recently. My thanks for your efforts. For everyone, please consider giving some of your time to get outside and get a little exercise while also helping our community out. If we can just get a person or two to clean up their town home block our community would look so much more clean. Please consider this.

18. “FREE A TREE” REQUEST. Thanks to those who have taken me up on this request. There are still some trees that need some help so I’m including this item again. We still have some trees throughout the property that are getting overtaken by vines. If you could take a pruner and cut the vines at the base of those trees that would “Free the Tree” and help the community. Recommend you wear long sleeves and jeans or take care not to touch the plants as we have a mixture of invasive plants in our community – some of which will cause an allergic reaction.

Stay safe and well,