PWCA Information for Members and Residents (May 2022, Message #2)

Good morning. Several more updates to provide you with today.

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1.  POOL PASS DISTRIBUTION; SUNDAY, MAY 22, 2022; 1:00PM to 3:00PM AND JUNE 3, 2022; TIME 6:00PM to 7:00PM; POOL PARKING LOT.  For those residences who will have submitted their application on or before May 14th and meet the criteria listed on the application, the 2022 pool pass distribution will occur at the pool this Sunday.  Photo IDs are required for pass pickup and when entering the pool deck.  For those who submitted on May 15th or after – you will be be able to pick up on June 3rd.

2.  POOL OPENING DAY; May 28, 2022; 11:00AM.  Pool operations will follow the same basic rules as last year.  Hours of operations will be as normal through Labor Day with the option for the next weekend after Labor Day weekend also possible.  This schedule may be adjusted based on pandemic-related external inputs.  Sign-in to the pool will again be accomplished through the SIgnUpGenius framework as accomplished last year.  Please be courteous to our lifeguards and accomplish your sign-in – this is part of our safety rules and protocols.  The pool staff, PWCA Board and PWCA Pool Volunteers reserve the right to refuse entry to any patron exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms and to eject any member not adhering to safety protocols or pool rules.

3.  POOL OPENING DAY KICKOFF SOCIAL AND SUNDAES ON SATURDAY; MAY 28, 2022, 12:00PM.  Please come enjoy a hot dog, chips, and a sundae to celebrate the opening of the pool!

4.  LIFEGUARD CERTIFICATION CLASSES, POOL DECK.  Our pool management contractor will be conducting lifeguard certification classes on our pool deck at various times during the month of May.

5.  TREE WORK The removal portion is ongoing and will extend into next week due to storm damage and maintenance challenges.  The pruning portion of our Spring 2022 Tree Work will occur on May 24th and May 25th.   Residences/parking to be impacted have been or will be notified.  Additionally, some private work will be accomplished next week hat will also require additional spaces to be vacated.

6.  GRADUATION EVENTS AT EAGLE BANK ARENA, MAY 20, 2022 THROUGH JUNE 17, 2022.  Graduation season is here and we are back to pre-pandemic graduations with the attendant impacts to traffic on our roads.  Please see our website for the list of the 31 graduations planned between today and June 17th.  Anticipate major traffic delays before and after each event so plan accordingly when you travel from/to our community.

7.  BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING; TUESDAY, JUNE 21, 2022; 7:00PM. The June board meeting will be conducted via the RingCentral virtual meeting framework. See the website under ‘Meetings’, select the year (2022), then the meeting (20220621). Document #01-1 contains the information to join the meeting.

8.  PLAYGROUND WORK, DELAYED WORK START DATE.  The planned start date is undetermined due to crew availability.  More information to follow.  For those who patronize the playground – we will be undertaking replacement of the edge walls.   You can expect up to two weeks of playground closure during this project.  Once the edge walls are replaced we will install a certified safety surface of loose fill engineered wood fiber.  Please do not use the playground during this timeframe.  See the monthly meeting minutes for further information.

9.  BASKETBALL COURT, DELAYED CLOSURE DATE.  During the edge wall construction project the basketball courts will be closed for the duration of the project.

10.  TRASH AND RECYCLING.  We included the current synopsized trash and recycling rules in the February newsletter. With the turnover to new tenants and owners, if everyone could review the rules we would greatly appreciate it as we are having challenges with trash placed out after pickup, in non-suitable bags (i.e. white interior bags) and items placed out that require advance notice to Patriot. Some of these items carry a charge for disposal. If you have items to dispose of please be considerate to your neighbors and to the community and take the responsibility to get rid of such special items items correctly and only set out your trash during the prescribed windows of time.

11.  DIRECTOR POSITION.  Thank you to our volunteer who stepped forward to fill the remaining open position on the Board!

12.  RESIDENT OWNER AND NON-RESIDENT OWNER PARKING PERMIT (HANG TAG) RENEWALS. Our annual owner guest (“hangtag”) permit renewal usually scheduled for April/May 2022 will be deferred to April/May 2023.  Owners with concerns or questions may call the Parking Committee Chair for further information.

Please enjoy the weekend and stay hydrated as we approach our first string of 90+ days…