PWCA Information for Members and Residents (May 2023, Message #2) 

Good afternoon.  Please see below for current items for your review.

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1.  2023 POOL PASS DISTRIBUTION; FINAL DISTRIBUTION BEFORE OPENING DAY; TONIGHT; 6:30PM – 7:00PM, POOL PARKING LOT.  FINAL DISTRIBUTION IS TONIGHT BEFORE TOMORROW’S OPENING DAY!  If your application was submitted by April 30th and is not being held for a specific reason your passes are ready for pickup.  41 residences have packets to pick up currently.

2.  2023 POOL OPENING DAY; TOMORROW!!!!!; SATURDAY, MAY 27, 2023; 11:00AM.  Opening Day is TOMORROW!!!  Hope to see you there.  We’ll have some hot dogs, chips and the first of two Sundaes on Saturday for the season.  Please come enjoy the environment!

3.  GRADUATION EVENTS AT EAGLEBANK ARENA, THROUGH JUNE 13, 2023.  Graduation season is here and we will see increased traffic impacts on our roads.  Please see our website for the list of the 35 graduations planned.  Anticipate major traffic delays before and after each event so plan accordingly when you travel from/to our community.

4.  BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING; TUESDAY, JUNE 20, 2023; 7:00PM; VIRTUAL.  The monthly board meeting will be conducted via the RingCentral virtual meeting framework. See the website under ‘Meetings’, select the year (2023), then the meeting (06 – 20230620). Document #01-1 contains the information to join the meeting. 

5.  PARK WEST PAGES, MAY 2023 EDITION.  The May 2023 edition of Park West Pages has been released – please see the website for the document.  The Communications and Hospitality Committees will each have some hard copies of the edition if you’d like a printed copy.  The hard copies will be available on-or-after May 15, 2023.

6.  TREE AND GROUNDS CARE WORK.  The Spring 2023 Arbor Care work is near the completion with one more tree removal scheduled and some fertilizations still to occur.  We have also had to remove some trees that rapidly failed or were storm damaged.  We have published guidance on what drives us for tree removals – that may be found on our website.  In principle we are removing dead or rapidly failing trees as identified by our professional arborists, then trees recommended in principle – these are trees beyond their life-cycle for our environment with attendant risk to homes, vehicles, or community assets.  We do have plans to re-introduce trees more suitable to our environment – those plans are necessarily subservient to removing liability trees.

7.  2023 POOL PASS APPLICATIONS.  For those who haven’t submitted, please do so when you can.  Please see the separate message providing the on-or-after date your passes will be ready for pickup barring any holds active at the time.  Please submit either electronically or by dropping your completed pass applications.  

8.  INDIVIDUAL GROUNDS CARE OFFER FROM J&J LANDSCAPE MANAGEMENT, APPLY AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.  Due to numerous requests, our grounds care contractor is offering residences in our community the ability to have the private yards maintained.  Please refer to the link listed above for details or contact myself if you cannot access the form. If you would like to advantage of the offer please contact them as soon as possible.

9.  LIFEGUARD EMPLOYMENT REQUEST.  Atlantic Pool Service is looking for lifeguards to work this season.  Please refer to the link listed above for details or contact myself if you cannot access the form.

10.  TRASH, RECYCLING AND YARD WASTE.  Reminder – please have your containers or paper bags out no later than 6:00AM the day of pickup.  Especially with yard waste – the truck has been through here during the last two weeks shortly after 6:00 AM and I’ve noticed multiple people setting out their bags after pickup, resulting in paper yard waste bags that sit a week on the curb.

11.  GROUNDS CARE REMINDERS. Spring growing is definitely here and we have started our mowing program for the season. Please keep the following in mind: #1 – keep your vehicle bumpers off the curb during mowing days as the crew cannot mow, edge or trim (as appropriate) when your vehicle is parked on top of the turf. #2 – For those of you who have landscaped up to the sidewalk – you are responsible to keep the sidewalk edge nearest your residence clean if the edger cannot be operated safely. #3 – Keep all items stored inside your fence / or your property for those without rear fences. See the ACC and ECC Rules for additional information.

12.  VOLUNTEERS NEEDED FOR WEBSITE AND INFRMATION TECHNOLOGY FRAMEWORK SUPPORT.  We have had two volunteers step forward to offer to help – thank you!  We could still utilize another person to share the load in maintaining the website and several of our support structures.  We have relied on volunteers in the past and while that’s great in principle when we lose that support things start to go sideways.

Have a great rest of your day or evening!