PWCA Pool Information for the 2023 Season 

This is a late post due to lack of volunteer support with these kinds of actions…..

Good evening.  I thought I’d provide you full information on pool pass distribution and some information on pool operations for the season in a separate message.

PWCA Website:
2023 Pool Application:


1.  2023 POOL PASS APPLICATIONS, APPLY NO LATER THAN SUNDAY, APRIL 30, 2023.  Please submit either electronically or by dropping your completed pass off by April 30th.  If you do not make the April 30th deadline your passes will not be ready for Opening Day or any of the Memorial Day weekend.  All electronic submissions should have a response email acknowledging receipt.  If you have any questions whether your application is in the process please check the pool pass application status reports on the website as described in Item #2.

2.  POOL PASS APPLICATION STATUS REPORTS.  Current status of pool passes may be found on our website.  Go to ‘Living in PWCA’, then select ‘Pool”.  Scroll down to below the map and you will see a sentence referencing the pool pass application status.  Select that link to see several reports that provide a status by address of the applications in process as of the date of the report.

3.  2023 POOL PASS HOLD CRITERIA.  Most applications that are on the hold list mainly fall in to two categories.  #1 – for renters, we need a copy of your current lease with the names of the lessees and the end-of-lease date.  #2 – assessments in arrears of more than $30.  Owners (both resident and non-resident) – recommend you verify your arrears status if you see your address on the hold list.

4.  2023 POOL PASS DISTRIBUTION; WEDNESDAY; MAY 3, 10, 17, 24, AND 26, 2023; 6:30PM – 7:00PM, POOL PARKING LOT.  If your application is submitted by April 30th and is not being held for a specific reason your passes will be ready for pickup at any of the dates and times listed in this item.  All residences will be listed on the document “2023 Pool Pass, Residences with Passes for Pickup”.  This document may be found with the other Pool Pass Application Status Reports as delineated in Item #2 of this message.  

5.  POOL ADMISSION.  We are utilizing the SignUpGenius framework again this year.  Recommend you create an account to allow you to sign in easily on your phone.  The lifeguards will be enforcing this – please do not plead your case for why you don’t have to sign-in.  This is an integral part to our operations – make it easy on yourself and the guards and just create the account.

6.  POOL RULES.  Please familiarize yourself with our pool rules prior to the start of the season.

7.  2023 POOL OPENING DAY; SATURDAY, MAY 27, 2023; 11:00AM.  You will need a pool pass to enter the pool deck over the Memorial Day weekend – April 30th is fast approaching if you have not submitted your application.

8.  FOLLOW-ON POOL PASS DISTRIBUTIONS; WEDNESDAYS; VARIOUS DATES; 6:30PM – 7:00PM, POOL.  Follow-on distribution dates will occur on Wednesdays from 6:30PM – 7:00PM.  These dates assume that your residence does not have a hold associated with the property.  For example, if you submit after April 30th and by May 27th; your passes will be ready on May 31st.  If you submit between May 28th and June 7th, your passes will be ready on June 14th.  For all dates within the season please see below:

  •     – May 27:  May 31   
    – June 7: June 14
        – June 21:  June 28
        – July 5: July 12
        – July 19: July 26
        – August 9: August 16
    • – August 23:  August 30

Hope this clarifies some of the questions raised this year.  We look forward to a great season – please let us help you enjoy it from Opening Day by getting your applications in by tomorrow.