Two Items For You

Good evening y’all! Two quick items for you today. I’ll follow-up with a more traditional President message later.

1. POOL. Our abbreviated season has flown by but a reminder to all that Monday (Labor Day) is our last day for the 2020 season. My thanks to all those who came to enjoy our pool – you followed our rules and by all accounts I’ve heard have enjoyed the time. If you haven’t come out, see previous messages for the link to the reservation system and please take advantage of the fantastic weather this weekend to come by. Monday early evening we will be moving the furniture back into the pool house if anyone wants to volunteer a couple of hours to help us that would be appreciated. Contact me for additional information….

2. CONCRETE WORK. Is scheduled to begin on September 23rd. Those homes and parking spaces impacted will get notices in your door on specific dates and times for the work. The seal coat has been delayed until 2021 due to the lateness of the season.

All for now. Whatever your weekend plans are, please stay safe and well.