Power Outage, PWCA, 13 April 2022

All – some of you are without power at this time. A transformer has blown to the rear of 4818 and 4828 Treasure Court. This caused one side of our main transformer to fail.

Dominion is on site isolating the damaged Treasure Court transformer from the circuit containing the other transformers effected.

Once the damaged transformer is isolated – and barring any other challenge at the main transformer – the circuit will be re-energized providing most impacted residences with power.

I am unclear which residences feed off which sub-transformers. If you are located between 4812 and 4846 Treasure Court you may be fed off the damaged transformer. Please monitor the Dominion outage map for updated information. Dominion currently estimates a restoral of power between 10:00PM and 1:00AM but this is just a forecast and may change depending on the severity of the damage to the transformer.

For all residences currently impacted but not fed from the damaged transformer. In order to isolate the damaged transformer the cable will be re-energized in a non-redundant configuration. Any further damage to the circuit will cause a loss of power that will take more effort to remediate. Just be aware and watch the outage map. Once power is fully restored we will back in a normal (redundant) configuration.

I have attached a snapshot of the outage map. This map may be found at:


Hope this clarifies the situation for those impacted. May our power be fully restored shortly….