PWCA Asphalt Seal Coat Project, July 2021, UPDATE #1

Good afternoon to all.

George Mason University has approved our use of specific parking lots during the seal coat project.  Updated slides are attached for your review.

1.  Lot C is approved for use.  If Lot C is full Lot A may also be utilized.
2.  Do not park in any marked spaces
3.  Do not park in any coned or barricaded areas.
4.  PWCA PERMITS ARE REQUIRED.  You may request temporary parking permits as normal.  Those temporary permits may be used in the GMU parking lots.
5.  Properly permitted vehicles may park there starting July 17th.  All vehicles must be removed no later than July 31st.
6.  If you are towed from a GMU parking lot, please use their process to retrieve your vehicle.  Our tow company will not have visibility to the specifics of the event.